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September 25, 2014

SAC, Senate name committee reps

The University Senate and the Staff Association Council last week announced appointments/recommendations to various University committees.

University Senate appointments to University-wide committees

  • University Planning and Budgeting Committee: Kathleen Musante, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences/anthropology.
  • University Review Board: Reappointed — Cindy Tananis, education; Tony Bledsoe, A&S/biology, and Bob Daley, A&S/computer science; new appointees — Michael Goodhart, A&S/political science, and J. Patrick Card, A&S/neuroscience.

University Senate appointments to Board of Trustees committees

  • Academic Affairs/Libraries: Elizabeth Mahoney, information sciences
  • Affirmative Action: Valire Carr Copeland, social work, and Denise Chisholm, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS)
  • Athletics:  James (Jay) Irrgang, medicine, and Kevin McLaughlin, education
  • Budget: Catherine (Cait) Lamberton, Katz Graduate School of Business, and Frank Wilson, Pitt-Greensburg/administration of justice
  • Institutional Advancement: Debora Miller, SHRS
  • Investment: Frederik Schlingemann, business
  • Risk and Compliance: Prakash Mirchandani, business
  • Student Affairs: Anthony Bledsoe, A&S/biological sciences

Staff Association Council appointments to Board of Trustees committees

  • Student Affairs: Michele Tschannen, Pitt Program Council
  • Budget: Angela Coldren, business
  • Properties and Facilities: Rich Colwell, Swanson School of Engineering
  • Health Sciences: Carol Hodgkiss, nursing
  • Audit: Megan Soltesz, social work
  • Risk and Compliance: Ken Doty, engineering
  • Investment: Monika Losagio, A&S/French & Italian languages and literatures and Hispanic languages and literatures
  • Affirmative Action: Karen Dicks, A&S/computer science
  • Athletics: Barbara Mowery, A&S/Advising Center
  • Institutional Advancement: Lindsay Rodzwicz, engineering
  • Academic Affairs/Libraries: Lynn Rosen, College of Business Administration

SAC appointments to University Senate committees

  • Community Relations: Marissa Arlet, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • Student Affairs: Tricia Connell, Institutional Advancement
  • Bylaws and Procedures: Paula Carpinelli, Purchasing Services
  • Computer Usage: Doty
  • Educational Policies: Shelly Brown, SHRS
  • Plant Utilization and Planning: Mario Curtis Browne, Health Sciences
  • Admissions and Student Aid: Hillary Koller, business
  • Benefits and Welfare: Michael Wahl, dental medicine
  • Budget Policies: Adriana Maguina-Ugarte, Center for Latin American Studies
  • Tenure and Academic Freedom: Nicholas Mance, engineering
  • Anti-Discriminatory Policies: Meg Mayer-Costa, Student Health Service
  • Commonwealth Relations: Mayer-Costa
  • Athletics: Mowery
  • University Press: Andrew Stephany, Research Administration
  • Library: Jonah McAllister-Erickson, University Library System.
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