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October 23, 1997

UPG committees working on plan

Following are the committees that will work on the 12-point improvement plan laid out for Pitt's Greensburg campus by campus President Frank Cassell:

* Academic council: Chair Norman Scanlon, Estry Ang, Patricia Duck, William Martin, Mark McColloch, Donald Reilly and ex officio member Frank Cassell.

* Undergraduate life: Co-chairs Rick Fogle and Larry Whatule, Gerry Enlow, Kerry Holzworth, Mary Grace O'Donnell, Pamela Ondeck and Rick Sparks. Student members are Crystale Fleming and Brian McPeak; ex officio members are Guy Rossetti and Scanlon.

* Diversity/cosmopolitanism: Co-chairs Carol Calloway and Nancy Estrada, Helen Connors, Gary Hart, Colette Levin, Estela Llinas, Frank McGlynn and Sparks. Student members are Tientian Chen and Thomas Tedesia.

* Curriculum review: Chair Scanlon, Ang, McColloch, Reilly, Donald Gibson, Diane Marsh, William Pamerleau, Carl Poke, Mary Beth Spore, Joseph Szurek, Judith Vollmer, Manhar Vyas, Ted Zaleskiewicz and Judith Zimmerman.

* Staff association: Joyce Bucchi, Karen Antoniak, Enlow and Simeon McClain.

* Communications/public relations: Chair Lillian Beeson, Duck, Reilly, David Guo, Thomas Kelly, Michael Lucci, Stephen Murabito, Margaret Rechter, Daniel Swalga, Charlene Touvell and Carlene Yurko. Student members are William Joseph and Roslyn Ciacco.

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