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November 6, 1997




UPMC Health System Seminar

"Management of the Patient With Primary and Secondary Pulmonary Hypertension";

LHAS Aud. Montefiore, 8 am (647-7168)

Organization Development Workshop

"Win-Win Discussions or How to Get What You Want More Often";

100 Craig, 9 am-noon (To register: 624-8046)

SAC Fall Assembly

Benefit participation procedures & CIS support training;

WPU Assembly Rm., noon-2 pm

UPMC Health System Lecture

"Stress Solutions: The Link Between Food and Mood";

University Ctr. 120 Lytton Ave., noon-1 pm (To register: 800-533-UPMC)

Career Day Panel

Colin Harrison, Harper's Magazine; Tara Bradley-Steck, AP bureau chief; Bob Pompeani, KDKA-TV sports anchor; Mark Roth, Post-Gazette, and Kenn Gaither, William J. Green & Assoc.; 501 CL, 2-4 pm

Latin American Studies Lecture

"Children and War,"

Charles MacCormack, Save the Children; 2M/P56 FQ, 3 pm (648-7392)

Biostatistics Seminar

"Inference for the Log-Logistic Distribution,"

Qasim Al-Shboul, infectious diseases;

A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Molecular Genetics Seminar

"Targeting and Regulation of Signal Transduction by PP5,"

Michael Chinkers, Oregon Health Sciences U.;

1295 BST, 3:30 pm

Geology/Planetary Science Seminar

"The Ancient Climate of Mars as Told by Degraded Highland Impact Craters,"

Robert Craddock, Smithsonian Institution; 203 Thaw, 3:45 pm

Clinical Pharmacology Seminar

"Atypical Kinetics of Cytochrome P450 2C9-Mediated Metabolism," Timothy Tracy, WVU;

622 Scaife, 4-5 pm C.F.

Reynolds Medical History Society Lecture

"The Rise and Decline of Black Medical Colleges at the Turn-of-the-Century: The Case of Leonard Medical School,"

Todd Savitt, medical humanities; lecture rm. 5 Scaife, 6 pm (648-8927)


5G57 FQ, 6-7:30 pm

Classics Lecture

"The Pogrom of Sept. 6-7, 1955, and the Destruction of the Greek Community in Istanbul,"

Speros Vryonis, NYU; FFA Aud., 8:30 pm


Human Genetics Seminar "Mapping Chronic Disease Genes,"

Eric Boerwinkle, U. of Texas; G23 GSPH; noon-1 pm

Pharmacology Seminar

"Rearranged Retinoid Receptors in Promyelocytic Leukemia,"

Robert Redner, medicine; 1395 BST, noon (648-9420)

History Lecture

"Slave Rebellions in Brazil: Recent Findings,"

Joao Jose Reis, Federal U. of Bahia;

3P11 FQ, noon

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Exorcist XIV: The Wrath of Maxwell's Demon,"

John Norton; 817R CL, 12:05 pm

Bloodborne Pathogens Training/Hepatitis Vaccine

Benedum Aud., 1 pm (624-9509)

Latin American Studies Lecture

"Music and Ceremony in Honor of the Virgin of Guadeloupe, and the Meaning of Rituals in Colonial Mexico,"

Grayson Wagstaff, U. of Ala.;

3P01 FQ, 3 pm

Medieval/Renaissance Lecture

"Jewish-Christian Relations in the Late Middle Ages: The Case of Astronomy,"

Bernard Goldstein, religious studies; 144 CL, 3 pm

Anthropology Colloquium

"The Development of Social Complexity in the Northern Highlands of Ecuador,"

Maria Auxiliadora Cordera;

3D10 FQ, 3 pm

Classics Lecture

"Images of the Greeks From the Enlightenment to the 21st Century,"

Speros Vryonis; 149 CL, 3:30 pm

Caribbean/Latin American Student Assn. Meeting

527 WPU, 6:30 pm (688-9453)

Johnstown Campus BAS Event

"Ladies Night Male Auction";

Cambria Rm., UPJ, 8:30 pm (814-269-1582)


Survival Skills Workshop

"Stand and Deliver: The Art of Oral Presentations";

1P56 FQ, 9 am-4 pm (To register: 624-7098)

Caribbean Night Dinner/Dance

Holiday Inn University Ctr., 6 pm-1:30 am (648-4381)

UPMC Children's Ball

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, 6-9 pm (To register: 647-3048)

Korean Traditional Music Ensemble

FFA Aud., 8 pm

Johnstown Campus Performance

"Philadanco," African-American dance company;

Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, 8 pm (800-846-ARTS)


Men's Basketball Exhibition Game

vs Marathon Oil; Field House, 2 pm

Senior Recital

Carol Jones, piano; FFA Aud., 3 pm


Ake and Inger Grenvik Critical Care Lecture

"What Is Wrong With Physician Assisted Suicide?"

Arthur Caplan, Penn; Scaife lecture rm. 6, noon

Senate Council Meeting

2P56 FQ, 2 pm

Biology Seminar

"Exploring the Link Between Transcription and RNA Editing in Physarum Mitochondria,"

Jonatha Gott, Case Western Reserve; 169 Crawford, 4 pm

Latin American Studies Lecture

"The Changing Role of the Politician in Brazil,"

Bonedidta da Silva, Brazilian senator;

Benedum Aud., 7 pm

Tuesday Organization Development Workshop

"Payroll System at Pitt: An Introduction,"

Linda Ostroski; and Nov. 12, 342 Craig, 10 am-3 pm (To register: 624-8046)

Samuel Lazerow Memorial Information Science Lecture

"The Information Age Unbridled,"

Robert Allen, AT&T; Carnegie Museum of Art Theatre, 11 am-noon (624-5230)

Human Resources Seminar

"Investments Beyond the Basics: Becoming a Savvy Investor";

WPU Kurtzman Rm., noon-1 pm and 5-6 pm (624-8068)

Parenting Seminar

"Learning Optimism: Teaching Your Child to be Hopeful,"

Mary Heath, FSAP; WPU Dining Rm. B, noon-1 pm (To register: 624-8046)

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"The Epistemological Priority of Induction,"

George Couvalis, Flinders U. of South Australia; 817R CL, 12:05 pm

Sociology Lecture

"Political Cultures of Commemoration: World War II Memory in Japan, Germany and the United States";

2R51 FQ, 12:30-1:30 pm (648-7587)

Johnstown Campus Film

"The Atomic Cafe";

134 Blackington Hall, UPJ, 7 pm (888-875-2586)


KGSB Small Business Development Ctr. Seminar

"How to Start a Small Business";

180 Mervis, 8-10 am (To register: 624-1542)

Student Health Seminar "Nurturing Nutrition"; Med. Arts Bldg. health education conf. rm., noon-1 pm (383-1813)

HA&A Colloquium

"The Architecture and Exhibition Design of A. James Speyer,"

Dennis McFadden, Carnegie Musuem of Art;

203 FFA, noon

Alzheimer's Symposium

"Mild Cognitive Impairment: Normal Aging or Early Alzheimer's Disease?"

Ronald Petersen, Mayo Clinic;

1104 Scaife, noon (261-5040)

Cell Biology/Physiology Seminar

"The CFTR Chloride Channel: Three Short Stories,"

John Hanrahan, McGill U.;

Eye & Ear Inst. 5th fl. seminar rm., 4-5 pm


Organization Development Workshop

"Basic Proofreading and Editing Principles,"

Erica Lloyd and Fred Solomon;

100 Craig, 9 am-noon (To register: 624-8046)

History Lecture

"Marketing for the Nation: The Pittsburgh Glass Exposition,"

Anne Madarasz, Historical Society of Western PA;

3P11 FQ, noon

REES Lecture

"Bratislava's Foreign Policy and Perceptions,"

Jan Gabor, Slovak Embassy;

4E51 FQ, noon

Medical Ethics Lecture

"Palliative Care for the Dying,"

Robert Arnold, medicine; Scaife lecture rm. 1, noon-1 pm

Chemistry Colloquium

"Multiphoton Molecular Photochemistry and Photophysics,"

Watt Webb, Cornell;

Chevron Ashe Aud., 2:30 pm

Molecular Genetics Seminar

"c-Abl Tyrosine Kinase as a Signal Integrator: Role in DNA Damage and Integrin Signalling,"

Baskaran Rajasekaran, U. of CA;

1295 BST, 3:30 pm

Geology/Planetary Science Seminar

"Soil Science in Geological and Engineering Consulting,"

David Cremeens, GAI Consultants;

203 Thaw, 3:45 pm

Chemistry Colloquium

"Imaging, Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Single Molecules, Single Proteins and Biological Membranes,"

X. Sunney Xie, Northwest National Laboratory;

Chevron Ashe Aud., 4 pm Clinical

Pharmacology Seminar

"Drug Interactions With the Protease Inhibitor Ritonavir,"

Reginald Frye, pharmacy;

622 Scaife 4-5 pm


5G57 FQ, 6-7:30 pm

Latin American Studies Panel Discussion

"Che Guevara: The Man, His Ideas and Their Relevance for Today,"

Johanna Tablada, Mary Alice Waters, and Dennis Brutus;

1P56 FQ, 7:30 pm

Jewish Studies Lecture

"Between Berlin and Vilna: Models of Jewish Modernization,"

Jay Harris, Harvard;

2P56 FQ, 7:30 pm (624-3007)


UPMC Lecture

"Safety Tips for Your Child";

University Ctr., 120 Lytton Ave., noon-1 pm (To register: 800-533-UPMC)

Pharmacology Seminar

"How Protein Hormones Are Concentrated Into Secretory Granules,"

Priscilla Dannies, Yale;

1395 BST, noon (648-9420)

Human Genetics Seminar

"Dissecting the Etiology of Down Syndrome: Association Between Meiotic Nondisjunction and Altered Recombination,"

Eleanor Feingold;

G23 GSPH, noon-1 pm

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Scientific Aspects of Explanation: Development, Problem Solving, Categorization and Understanding,"

Gary Hardcastle, Virginia Tech.;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

Student Affairs Teleconference and Panel Discussion

"Campus Confidentiality on Trial: An Open or Closed Case?";

WPU Assembly Rm., 1-2:30 pm (648-1006)

Religion & Culture Symposium

"Invented Traditionals: Shinto and the Shinto-Style Wedding,"

Terry Hiener; WPU Dining Rm. B, 3 pm

Anthropology Colloquium

"How Many Species of Homo Are There? A Glimpse From the Near East and Africa," Jeffrey Schwartz; 3D10 FQ, 3 pm


Pathology Seminar

"Olfactory Neuroblastoma: Immunohistochemical and Molecular Analysis,"

Pedram Argani, Johns Hopkins;

618 Scaife, noon

Human Resources Seminar

"Managing Your Retirement: Making Your Nest Egg Last";

WPU Kurtzman Rm., noon-2 pm and 5-7 pm (To register: 624-8068)

Provost Inaugural Lecture

"From the Stone Age Into the Next Millenium: Evolution, Present and Future of Manufacturing Techonology,"

Bartholomew Nnaji, industrial engineering; FFA Aud., 4 pm

Financial Success Seminar

"The Seven Secrets of Financial Success";

FFA Aud., 6-8:30 pm (To register: 624-8046)

Men's Basketball vs Bucknell;

Field House, 7:30 pm

Pgh. Chamber Music Concert

St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble with Christopher O'Riley, piano;

Carnegie Music Hall, 8 pm (624-4129)


KGSB Family Enterprise Ctr. Seminar

"Governance Issues of Your Family Business";

PAA, 7:30 am-3 pm (648-1542)

Organization Development Workshop "Introduction to Group Problem-Solving," Kate McCon-nell; 100 Craig, 9 am-4 pm (To register: 624-8046)

Intercultural Bag Lunch Med. Arts Bldg. Suite 500, noon (383-1813)

REES Lecture "Observations of the Recent Elections in Bosnia,"

Mary Rusinow and David Doellinger;

4E51 FQ, noon

Women's Studies Lecture

"Politics, Islam and Women's Rights: The Case of Tunisia,"

Mounira Charrad, sociology;

2629 CL, noon

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Is Knowledge All That We Know?"

Ryszard Wojcicki, Polish Academy of Sciences;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

Molecular Genetics Seminar

"Vitamin and Hormonal Signaling: Regulation of Nuclear Hormone Receptor Function,"

Debu Chakravarti, Salk Inst.;

1295 BST, 3:30 pm

Chemistry Colloquium

"Energetics and Dynamics of Reactive Organic Intermediates,"

Bob Squires, Purdue; Chevron Ashe Aud., 4 pm

Johnstown Campus Film

"Mississippi Burning";

134 Blackington Hall, UPJ, 7 pm (888-875-2586)

Music on the Edge Concert

Tom Kolor, percussion; FFA Aud., 8 pm

Johnstown Campus Concert

"Moscow Boys Choir";

Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, 8 pm (800-846-ARTS)


East Asian Languages/Literatures Colloquium

"The Aesthetics of Kuki Shuzo in the Structure of 'iki',"

Hiroshi Nara; 213 CL, noon (624-5568)

HA&A Colloquium

"'Pittsburgh Revealed' Revealed,"

Charlee Brodsky, CMU; 203 FFA, noon

Dementia Care Seminar

"Session IV: Stress on the Job: Coping While Caring";

Vocational Rehab. Ctr., 1323 Forbes Ave., 3-6 pm (To register: 261-5040)

Linguistics Lecture

"Language Policies and Language Rights,"

Christina Bratt Paulston; 144 CL, 3 pm (624-5900)

Cell Biology/Physiology Seminar

"Endocytic Trafficking of Proteins and Lipids,"

Frederick Maxfield, Cornell; Eye & Ear Inst. 5th fl. seminar rm., 4-5 pm

UPCI Fundraising Debate

Mary Matalin and James Carville;

Heinz Hall, 7 pm (392-4900)

Chamber Orchestra Concert

Pitt composers and Dennis Riley;

Bellefield Aud., 8 pm


Intergenerational Conference

Discussion of cross-agency collaboration designed to link the young and old & drafting of grant proposals for intergen-erational programs adressing needs of children, youth and elderly;

Carnegie Lecture Hall, 8:30 am-3:45 pm (To register: 648-7150)

Johnstown Campus Performance

"Young Tom Edison,"

Theatreworks/USA; Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, 9:30-11:30 am (800-846-ARTS)

Chemistry Colloquium

"Protein Folding: The Intermediates and the Barriers,"

S. Walter Englander, Penn; Chevron Ashe Aud., 2:30 pm

Organization Development Workshop

"Patents & Copyrights: A Guide Through the Maze,"

Frances Connell; 9th fl. LRDC, 2:30-4:30 pm (To register: 624-8046)

Chemistry Colloquim

"Atomically Resolved Chemistry With Tunneling Electrons,"

Wilson Ho, Cornell; Chevron Ashe Aud., 4 pm

Clinical Pharmacology Seminar

"Potential Adverse Effects of Chronic Caffeine Consumption on Renal Function,"

Stevan Tofovic, medicine; 622 Scaife, 4-5 pm

Biostatistics Seminar

"Logistic Regression Analyses With Clustered, Multivariate, Binomial Data,"

Bill Gardner, psychiatry;

A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Gamelan Ensemble Open House

309 Bellefield, 7 pm (624-4125)

Ph.D. Defense


"Cyborg-Diaspora: Virtual Imagined Community,"

Radhika Gajjala, communication; Nov. 14, 1128 CL, 10 am


"Development and Testing of a Scale to Measure Self-Efficacy for Pelvic Muscle Exercises in Women With Urinary Incontinence,"

Barbara Ann Shelton Broome; Nov. 19, 451 Victoria, 1:30-3:30 pm


Theatre Arts Production

"Something Cloudy, Something Clear";

Nov. 12-23, Studio Theatre, Nov. 12-15, 18-22 at 8 pm, Nov. 16 & 23 at 2 pm (624-7529)

Mainstage Production


Studio Theatre, Nov. 6-8, 12-15, 19-22 at 8 pm, Nov. 9, 16, & 23 at 2 pm (624-7529)


REES Faculty Development Competition

Proposals to develop new courses or add significant REES content to existing courses due Jan. 5 to 4G15 FQ. (648-2290)

Calendar Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published Thursday, Nov. 20. It will contain events of Nov. 20-Dec. 4. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 p.m. Nov. 13 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information can be sent by FAX: 624-4579 or e-mail to For additional information, call 624-1376.

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