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December 4, 1997

Pitt senior awarded Marshall Scholarship

Pitt senior Meghan Majorow-ski has been named one of 40 Marshall Scholarship winners for 1998. Chosen from among more than 800 candidates, Majorowski is the only winner of the Marshall Scholarship from a Pennsylvania college or university.

The Marshall Scholarship is one of the most competitive scholarships in America available to undergraduates. It was created by the British Parliament in 1953 as thanks for assistance from the United States after World War II. Pitt students have won, over a 15-year period, more Marshall and Rhodes Scholarships than any other college or university in Pennsylvania.

G. Alec Stewart, dean of the University Honors College and Pitt's Marshall representative, credited Pitt faculty with mentoring students seeking awards such as the Marshall Scholarship. "In the present case, biology professor Iain Campbell was an invaluable mentor to Majorowski in her studies and in her seeking and winning this great competition." Majorowski is a triple major in biological sciences, political science and Japanese. She plans a career that addresses environmental challenges from a global perspective. "The environmental damage that a single country engenders," she says, "ultimately affects everyone; at the same time, advances made by individual nations may be shared internationally." Majorowski plans to earn an Honors B.A. in biology at Oxford followed by study at the University's Environmental Change Unit, culminating in an Oxford M.Sc. in Environmental Change and Management.

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