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January 8, 1998

Conversion of computers begins

As part of the University's NT Migration Project, Computing and Information Services will convert over 100 computers from the existing Microsoft Windows 3.11 operating system to Windows NT 4.0 Workstation by the end of January.

The goal of the NT Migration Project is the conversion of all public computing lab devices and Ubiquitous Network Access devices now running on Windows 3.11 to NT 4.0 Workstation. The conversion schedule will be as follows:

* This week, 40 computers in G-62 Cathedral of Learning and 40 computers in 1EO1 Forbes Quadrangle.

* Jan. 20, 10 Windows 3.11 computers in each of the Sutherland, Benedum and Hillman Library computing labs.

All computers converted to NT 4.0 will offer a different selection of software than is currently available on Windows 3.11 machines. Almost all packages will be replaced by new, enhanced versions of software.

The computing labs will support Windows 3.11 and Windows NT 4.0 during spring term. The set up may impact course assignments as the number of Windows 3.11 computers, which support over 100 software packages, are replaced by NT 4.0, which initially will support only about 30 software packages.

Because of the mixed environment in the computing labs, different versions of software will be available on Windows 3.11 and NT 4.0 devices. Faculty and students must be aware of what type of device they are using. Files saved in NT 4.0 may not be readable on Windows 3.11.

For more information on the NT Migration Project, call the CIS help desk at 624-4357 or check out the NT Migration home page at:

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