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January 22, 1998


Thursday 22

WPIC Research Seminar

"Atypical Antipsychotic and Negative Symptoms,"

Rajiv Tandon, U of Michigan; WPIC aud., 10:30 am-noon

UPCI Immunology Seminar

"Putting Mucin on a Pedestal: Enhancing the Immunogenicity of Mucin Through Presentation on Dendritic Cells,"

Elizabeth Hiltbold; W995 BST, noon

History Lecture

"Human Experimentation in the 20th Century: Myths and Realities,"

John Erlen, Falk Library; 3P11 FQ, noon

Joint Microeconomics Seminar

"Market Forces & Sex Discrimination,"

Judy Heller-stein, U of Md.; 1002 Heinz, CMU, 3:30-5 pm

Clinical Pharmacology Lecture

"Electron Beam Computed Tomography of the Coronary Arteries,"

Daniel Edmundowicz, cardiology; 1104 Scaife conf. rm., 4-5 pm

Physics/Astronomy Lecture

"The Logic of the LHC–How Do We Know Where to Look Unless We Really Know What We Are Looking For?"

Howard Georgi, Harvard; 102 Thaw, 4:30 pm


5G57 FQ, 6-7:30 pm

Johnstown Campus Production

"Damn Yankees";

Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, 8 pm (814-269-7200)

Men's Basketball

Vs St. John's, Field House, 7:30 pm

Friday 23

WPIC Research Seminar

"Stress-Induced Anovulation,"

Sarah Berga; WPIC aud., 10:30 am-noon

Pharmacology Seminar

"L-Nucleoside Analogs: A New Class of Anticancer/Antiviral Compound,"

Yung-chi Cheng, Yale;

1395 BST, noon

Human Genetics Seminar

"Epigenetic Inheritance and the Development of Imprinted Loci in the Mouse,"

John Richard Chaillet, biology;

A-115 Crabtree, noon-1 pm (624-3066)

Economics Graduate Students' Seminar

"Experimental Economics & Theoretical Computation,"

Alvin Roth; 4P58 FQ, 1-2:30 pm

Religion/Culture Symposium

"'Hello, I'm a Scholar of Religion': An Apprentice's Struggle With Professional Self-Identity,"

Nate Hilberg;

WPU Dining Rm. B, 3:30 pm

Phi Beta Kappa Lecture

"Women in Science–Dreams and Nightmares of an Affirmative Activist,"

Howard Georgi, Harvard;

3500 CL, 3:30 pm

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Annual Lecture

"The Rhetorical Deployment of Meaning: What Does It Mean for Reference?"

John Lyne, communication, 817R CL, 3:30 pm

Classics Lecture

"Presocratic Authenticity: The Case of Democritus,"

Jorgen Mejer, U of Copenhagen, U of Md;

116 CL, 3:30 pm

Cell Biology/Physiology Seminar

"Molecular Mechanisms of Selectivity in CIC-Type Chloride Channels,"

Christoph Fahlke, Vanderbilt;

5th fl. sem. rm. EEI, 4-5 pm

Senate BPC Meeting

WPU Dining Rm. A, noon

Sunday 25

Johnstown Campus Production

"Terrifically Tilly,"

Sydney's Series for Kids, Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, 2 pm (814-269-7200)

Poetry Reading

"Pittsburgh Responds: Words and Images,"

Jan Beatty, Jane McCreery, Ed Ochester and Judith Vollmer;

Carnegie Museum of Art, 2:30-4pm

Monday 26

Chemical Hygiene/Lab Safety Training

G-23 Aud., GSPH, 9-10:30 am

Ctr. for Research in Reproductive Physiology Lecture

"Molecular Mechanisms of Differential Regulation of Gonadotropins by GnRH,"

Ursula Kaiser, Harvard;

Eye & Ear Inst., 5th fl. bd. rm., noon

History of Art & Architecture Colloquium

"Excavating–and Jumping Hurdles–in China,"

Katheryn Linduff;

203 FFA, noon

Johnstown Campus Film

"Chariots of Fire,"

138 Blackington Hall, UPJ, 6 pm

Tuesday 27

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Talk

"Are There Any Limits to the Problem-Solving Capacity of Computers?"

Nicholas Resch-er, 817R CL, 12:05 pm


"Welfare Reform: Is It for Real?"

Joel Handler, UCLA;

FFA Aud., 4 pm (624-6660)

New Music Chamber Recital

FFA Aud., 8 pm (624-4125)

Wednesday 28

Health Fair '98

WPU Assembly Rm., 11 am-4 pm

Cell Biology/Physiology Seminar

"Therapeutic Strategies for CF: Identifying Sites of Intervention,"

Mitchell Drumm, Case Western Reserve;

5th fl. sem. rm. EEI, 4-5 pm

PTEI Lecture

"Novel Human Mammary Epithelial Culture System for Use in Studying Breast Cancer Etiology and Progression,"

Jean Latimer, obstetrics, gynecology, reproductive sciences;

2nd fl. multipurpose rm. Biotech Ctr., 4 pm (383-9703)

Social Work Lecture

"Leadership and Learning: Personal Development for Organizational Change,"

Andy Bryner, MIT;

2P56 FQ, 7-9 pm (To register: 624-3711)

Men's Basketball

Vs West Virginia, Field House, 7 pm

Thursday 29

UPCI Immunology Seminar

"IL-15 and Cytolytic Lymphocyte Development,"

Chau-Ching Liu, medicine;

W995 BST, noon

Ethics Grand Rounds

"Coping With Illness and Disability in Late Life: Implications for Patients and Their Families,"

Richard Schulz, psychiatry;

Rm. 1 Scaife, noon-1 pm

Law Inaugural Lecture

"Use of Corporations as Vehicles for Aboriginal Land Settlements: Adventures in the Alaska Law Trade,"

Douglas Branson;

FFA Aud., 4 pm

Pharmacology Lecture

"Development of Steroid Sulfatase Inhibitors as Potential Agents for the Treatment of Estrogen-Dependent Breast Cancer,"

Pui-Kai Li, Duquesne;

1104 Scaife Conf. Rm., 4-5 pm

Friday 30

Pharmacology Seminar

"Using Genetics and FK506 to Define Stress Response Pathways in Yeast,"

Martin Schmidt, molecular genetics/biochemistry;

1395 BST, noon

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Talk

"'Two Cases Are as Good as Two Hundred'–Reasoning From Poorly Replicated Data in 19th Century Neuroscience,"

James Bogen, Pizer College;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

Medieval Studies/History of Art & Architecture Lecture

"Circles of Maternal Devotion: French Renaissance Manuscripts for Francis I and Louis of Savoy,"

Myra Orth; 204 FFA, 4 pm

PSC Seminar

"UCAID and the Internet2 Initiative,"

Douglas Van Houweling;

social rm., Mellon Inst., 4 pm


Sunday 1

Men's Basketball

Vs Syracuse, Field House, 3 pm

Monday 2

History of Art & Architecture Colloquium

"Paintings, 1978-1998,"

Kenneth Batista; 203 FFA, noon

Ctr. for Research in Chronic Disorders Lecture

"Medication Adherence and Aging: Older Is Wiser,"

Denise Park, U of Michigan;

125 Victoria, noon-1:30 pm

UPMC High School Athletes' Screenings

Highmark Blue Cross Primary Care Center Bldg., 969 Greentree Rd., Greentree, 6-8 pm (To reserve: 578-3320)

Johnstown Campus Film Series

"Breaking Away,"

138 Blackington Hall, UPJ, 6 pm

Tuesday 3

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Talk

"Self-delusions and Current Practice: Category Theory in the Foundation of Mathematics,"

Colin McLarty, Case Western Reserve;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

Faculty Assembly

2M56 FQ, 3 pm

BAS Lecture

"Singing in the Comeback Choir,"

Bebe Moore Campbell;

WPU Assembly Rm., 8 pm

Wednesday 4

Cell Biology/Physiology Seminar

"Regulation of NHE3 by Protein Kinase A/Regulatory Proteins,"

C. Chris Yun, Johns Hopkins;

5th fl. sem. rm. EEI, 4-5 pm

Thursday 5

Men's Basketball

Vs Duquesne, Field House, 7:30 pm

Ph.D. Defense


"Self-Reported Dimensions of Mood State and ACTH/Cortisol Levels in Major Depresion,"

L. Kathleen Sekula;

Jan. 22, 418 Victoria, 2-4 pm


"Gravitational Radiation From Black Hole Space Times,"

Luis Ramon Lehner, physics/astronomy;

Jan. 29, 316 Allen, 3 pm


HA&A Exhibit

"Studio Arts Department Faculty Show";

Feb. 4-27, University Art Gallery FFA, Mon.-Fri. 10 am-4 pm (648-2400)

Johnstown Campus Exhibit

"Bud Gibbons and His Natural World: Paintings"

through March 1;

Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, Mon.-Fri. 9:30 am-4:30 pm (814-269-7234)


An Evening of Queer Theatre

"Apres Moi, Les Deluge," by Charles Busch and Kenneth Elliott;

"Say De Kooning," by Lanford Wilson;

"The Madness of Lady Bright," by Lanford Wilson;

through Jan. 31, The Pit, Sennott & Bouquet, Jan. 29-31 at 8 pm, Jan. 31 at 2 pm (624-7529)

Kuntu Repertory Theatre

"The Resurrection of Lady Lester, "

by OyamO; Jan. 29 through Feb. 14, Stephen Foster Theatre, 8 pm except 4 pm Sunday performance, special 11 am performance Feb. 13 (624-7298)


ACS Round 2 Funding

Applications for institutional grants for cancer research due Feb. 2 to Iris Lowe, 201 Kaufmann Bldg. (692-2759)

Small Grants Program Awards

Proposals due to 350 Thackeray by Feb. 2 at 4 pm. (624-7410)

Teaching Evaluation Surveys

Completed request forms for spring term are due in Evaluation of Teaching, G-39 CL by Feb. 16. (624-6147)

Competitive Medical Research Funding

Applications for research project funding through the CMRF are available through the Office of Research, Health Sciences. Completed applications are due by 4 pm, Feb. 16, to Iris Lowe, 201 Kaufmann Bldg. (692-2759)

PUCC Prostate Cancer Funding

Applications for pilot projects in prostate cancer research due April 15 to Iris Lowe, 201 Kaufmann Bldg. (692-2759)

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