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May 14, 2015

Members elected to Senate committees

The following faculty members were elected this month to the University Senate’s standing committees for three-year terms, except as noted:

• Athletics: Katelyn Fleishman Allison, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS); Jacques Bromberg, classics, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences (A&S); Carma Sprowls-Repchek, School of Education.

• Benefits and welfare: Balasubramani Goundappa, Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH); Mike Modo, School of Medicine; John Pierce, SHRS.

• Budget policies: Cindy Tananis, education; Wes Rohrer, GSPH; David Rowe, GSPH.

• Bylaws and procedures: James Cassaro, University Library System (ULS); Lenore Thomas, studio arts, A&S; Peg Verrico, School of Pharmacy.

• Community relations: Linda Hartman, Health Sciences Library System (HSLS); Andrea Kriska, GSPH; Deborah Studen-Pavlovich, School of Dental Medicine.

• Computer usage: Vincent Arena, GSPH; Isabelle Wilkins, medicine; Fran Yarger, HSLS.

• Educational policies: Michael Beach, School of Nursing; Leslie Eibl, ULS; Douglas Landsittel, medicine.

• Equity, inclusion & anti-discrimination advocacy: Ellen Ansell, education; Claude Mauk, linguistics, A&S; Amber Pabon, education.

• Governmental relations: Paul Adams, political science, Pitt-Greensburg; Bob Boudreau, GSPH; Denise Chisholm, SHRS.

• Library: Clark Muenzer, German, A&S; Mary Rauktis, School of Social Work; Susan Sesack, neuroscience, A&S.

• Plant utilization and planning: Kathleen Kelly, SHRS; Paul Munro, School of Information Sciences; Pat Weiss, HSLS.

• Research: Eileen Chasens, nursing (2-year term); Steven Dytman, physics and astronomy, A&S (1-year term); Kirk Erickson, psychology, A&S (3-year term); Michael Goodhart, political science, A&S (3-year term); Lindsay Matsumura, education (2-year term); Rami Melhem, computer science, A&S (2-year term); Penny Morel, medicine (1-year term); Patrick Smolinski, Swanson School of Engineering (3-year term); Alex Vieira, dental medicine (1-year term).

• Tenure and academic freedom: Maria Kovacs, medicine; Karen Norris, medicine; Seth Weinberg, dental medicine.