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May 9, 1996


Thursday 9

Chemistry Lecture

"Mycobacteriophage L5: A Toolbox for Tuberculosis,"

Graham Hatfull, biology; Chevron Aud., 2:30 pm

Virology Symposium

"Molecular Dissection of Noncultivatable Human Calicivirus: From Cloning to Vaccines," Mary Estes, Baylor; Scaife Lecture Rm. #1, 3:30 pm (648-8869)


Alzheimer Disease Research Ctr. Lecture

"Vestiges of Puritanism in U.S. Health Care,"

John Kilwein, pharmacy; ADRC Conf. Rm., Montefiore Hosp., noon

Saturday 11

UPJ Women's Assoc. Luncheon

Student Union Cambria Rm., Johnstown campus, noon (814-269-2083)

Sunday 12

Race for the Cure

5K run/walk, 1-mile fun walk; Schenley Park, 8:30 am (521-2873)

Monday 13

SUMMER 12-WK, 1st 6-WK, 1st 4-WK

SESSIONS registration period ends and classes begin

Pharmacology Seminar

"Do We Really Need All of These New Antidepressants?,"

Michael Thase, psychiatry; 1103 Scaife, noon Women's Studies Seminar "Integrating Race, Class, and Gender into the Curriculum: Content and Climate," Elizabeth Higginbotham, U. of Memphis; WPU Kurtzman Rm., 12:30 pm (624-6485)

Senate Council Meeting

2P56 FQ, 2 pm

Tuesday 14

Virology Symposium

"Aspects of VZV Pathogenesis and Immunity,"

Ann Arvin, Stanford; Scaife Lecture Rm. #1, 3:30 pm (648-8869)

Social Work Workshop

"Building Boards That Work,"

two-day satellite workshop for nonprofit agencies May 4 & 16;

1M56 FQ, 6:30-8 pm (624-3711)

Indian Music Recital

Shivkumar Sharma, santoor;

Frick Fine Arts Aud., 7:30 pm (624-4125)


Benefit Barbara Walters;

Heinz Hall, 8 pm (reservations: 647-8534)

Wednesday 15



add/drop periods end Intercultural Bag Lunch Medical Arts Bldg., Health Edu. Conf. Rm., noon (383-1813)

Skin Cancer Screenings

Falk Clinic, 4:30-5:30 pm (648-3251)

Pathology Seminar

"Requirement of 11-6 and Cytokine Pathways for Transcription Factor Activation and Normal Liver Regeneration,"

Rebecca Taub, Penn; 618 Scaife, 4 pm (648-1040)

Thursday 16

Envr. Health & Safety Session

Bloodborne Pathogen Training and Hepatitis B Vaccine administration;

Benedum Aud, 9 am (624-9505)

Chemistry Lecture

"Exploring Sequence Space Using In Vitro Selection,"

Andrew Ellington, Indiana;

Chevron Aud., 2:30 pm

Virology Symposium

"HIV-1 Pathogenesis,"

George Shaw, U. of Ala.; Scaife Lecture Rm. #1, 3:30 pm (383-8797)

Molecular Oncology Seminar

"Genetic Programs in T Helper Cell Development,"

Laurie Glimcher, Harvard; W1095 BST, 4 pm

Friday 17


12-WK SESSION and TRADITIONAL SUMMER TERM add/drop periods end

Brain Trauma Research Ctr. Conference

"Pathophysiology of Secondary Brain Injury and Implications for Contemporary Treatment";

Sheraton Station Square (647-0956)

Pharmacology Lecture

"Drug Development: The Way It Could Be," Carl Peck;

1104 Scaife, noon

Pharmacy Alumni Assoc. Weekend

Hidden Valley Mt. Resort (647-8494)

Sunday 19

Organ Recital

Works by Bach, Mendelssohn and Nierne, C. William Goff, Northmont Presbyterian Church, N. Hills;

Heinz Chapel, 3 pm

Monday 20

Pharmacology Lecture

"Enzyme and Gene Therapy for the Lysosomal Storage Disorders,"

John Barranger;

1103 Scaife, noon

Tuesday 21

UPMC Queen of Hearts Seminar

"What Are the Options When Prevention Fails? A Look at the Present and Future Interventions for Coronary Artery Disease";

1103 Scaife, noon (624-2607)

Intercultural Bag Lunch

Medical Arts Bldg., Health Edu. Conf. Rm., noon (383-1813)

Wednesday 22

Pathology Seminar

"Slide Into the Future – Telepathology and the New Perspective,"

Philip Seykora, U. of Minn.;

618 Scaife, 4 pm (648-1040)

Thursday 23

Chemistry Lecture

"Development of Novel Radical-Based Methodology for Asymmetric Synthesis,"

Philip Garner, Case Western;

Chevron Aud., 2:30 pm

Ph.D Defense


"Dimensions of Production: Socio-Political Change in the Valle de La Plata of S. Columbia: A Techno-economic Lithic Attribute Analysis,"

Jack Wolford;

May 13, 3H51 FQ, 1 pm


"Strategic Flexibility and Performance in the Global Steel Industry: The Role of Interfirm Linkages,"

Ravi Madhavan;

May 13, 359 Mervis, 2:30 p.m.


"An Archeological Survey in the Region of the Olmec, Veracruz, Mexico,"

Robert Kruger;

May 15, 3H51 FQ, 2 pm


"Mitochondrial Calcium Buffering and Neuronal Injury: A Story With More Twist Than the Inner Membrane,"

R. Jim White;

May 23, 1104 Scaife, 2 pm


Teaching Evaluation Surveys

Request forms available from dept. chairpersons. Requests should be mailed to G-39 CL before May 13 for intersession classes and before May 21 for 4WK1/6WK1/SES1 classes. (624-6147)

Women's Graduate Research

Competition Submit papers by May 14 to 2632 CL. (624-6485)

Multipurpose Arthritis Ctr.

Grant Submit brief project descriptions by May 24 to E1157 BST. (624-9028)

Calendar Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published Thursday, May 23. It will contain events of May 23-June 6. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 p.m. May 16 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information will not be accepted over the phone but can be sent by FAX: 624-4579 or e-mail to For additional information about calendar deadlines, call 624-1376.

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