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August 31, 1995

Newspapers, magazines, textbooks now go into the recyclables bin, not the trash can

Paper items that now can be placed in recycling container include:

White stationery, copier paper, computer printout paper, outdated practices, letters, forms, invoices and general office paper, all paper from filing cabinets in folders, notebook paper from pads of paper (no backing), memo sheets, colored ledger and copy paper (all colors), drawings and blueprints 10 years old or less, carbonless NCR paper, annual reports, financial reports or booklets, check stock, tapes, teller information, manila paper and folders (including campus mail envelopes), magazines, phone books and newspapers.

Nonrecyclable items that should be placed in trash containers include:

Food stuffs, restroom tissue, oversized metal fasteners (small fasteners and paper clips are acceptable in recyclable containers), loose leaf and book binders, carbon paper, plastics and cellophane or vinyl coated paper, paper cups and paper towels, Styrofoam cups, brown wrapping paper, copier paper wrapper, microfilm and microfiche and garbage-can-type trash.

Members of the University community who have questions about Pitt's recycling program can call the recycling hotline at 624-CYCL (2925) or write the program coordinators by electronic mail at recycle@FMIS.FACMGMT.PITT.EDU.

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