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February 15, 1996


Thanks to a 20-year staffer

To the editor:

Agatha McCauley, Office of Research, was inadvertently omitted [by the Office of Human Resources] from the list of those who celebrated 20 years of service to the University in 1995 (University Times, Jan. 4, 1996). I just wanted to take the opportunity to acknowledge her service and to thank Aggie, who has recently retired.

Michael M. Crouch


Office of Research


Why ignore consultants' suggestions?

To the editor:

I was always taught that a true leader leads by example. The leaders I most respect have done just that. Based on that criterion, [Pitt Board of Trustees chairperson] J. Wray Connolly has shown, through his response to the consultants' report, that he is not worthy of my respect.

Why would the board pay nearly $70,000 for an external review if board members intended to ignore any recommendations directed at them? If the University community were to follow its leader's example, then the directors of the departments which were criticized would simply defend their current practices and continue doing business the same way they always have. Hopefully, the University community will not react to the team's recommendations the same way their leader did.

Regina M. Vitti-Lyons

Financial manager

School of Social Work


Raise policy "distresses" staff member

To the editor:

The letter from A Very Distressed "Leftout" Employee in the Jan. 18, 1996, University Times sounded as though I had written it. I agree, and would also like to mention that those of us paid from "soft money" were not permitted to have raises even though the money was in our budgets. How is that justified? If/when soft money runs out, who comes to our rescue?


(This letter was signed by a Pitt staff person who requested that her signature be withheld from publication.)

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