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April 11, 1996


Giving credit where it's due

To the editor:

The expression "consistency is the key" certainly defines Housing Services' staff member Trish Hill. Over the last consecutive seven years, Trish has devoted her volunteer time to the Hand-in-Hand Festival sponsored by the University.

So often the more vocal or visible persons capture the spotlight. However, Trish certainly deserves her "15 minutes of fame" for her tireless efforts each year.

The unsung heroes should hear songs sometimes.

Linda Perkins

Housing Administration


Whose problem is it now?

To the editor:

In 1958, Clark Kerr, then president of the University of California, was quoted as saying: "I find the three major administrative problems on a campus are sex for the students, athletics for the alumni, and parking for the faculty." In 1996, there are differences. While athletics for the alumni remains an administrative problem, the others have changed. From reports dealing with student needs and the attempted control of faculty-student social relationships, one infers that the three major problems on a campus today are: parking for the students, athletics for the alumni, and sex for the faculty.

Edward M. Anthony

Professor Emeritus


(Editor's note: Clark Kerr's quote was included in the book, "Frank Muir. An Irreverent and Thoroughly Incomplete Social History of Practically Everything," published by Stein and Day, New York, 1976.

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