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May 12, 2016

Faculty elected to Senate committees

The following faculty members were elected to the University Senate’s standing committees:

• Athletics: Nancy Burkoff, law; Betsy Nagle, education; Laurel Roberts, biology/arts and sciences.

• Benefits and Welfare: Filip Barbaric, dental medicine; Joanne Prasad, dental medicine; Linda Tashbook, law.

• Budget Policies: Tyler Bickford, English/arts and sciences; Panos Chrysanthis, computer science/arts and sciences; Mackey Friedman, public health.

• Bylaws and Procedures: Thottala Jayaraman, dental medicine; Chiara Nardone, Hispanic languages and literatures/arts and sciences; Steve Hirtle, information sciences.

• Community Relations: Sabina Deitrick, public and international affairs; Robert Kaufman, nursing; Tracy Soska, social work.

• Computer Usage: Amelia Acker, information sciences; Na-Rae Han, linguistics/arts and sciences; Alexandros Labrinidis, computer science/arts and sciences.

• Educational Policies: Bonnie Falcione, pharmacy; Helen Petracchi, social work; John Stoner, history/arts and sciences.

• Equity, Inclusion and Anti-discrimination Advocacy: Kacey Marra, medicine; Latha Satish, medicine; Sheila Valez Martinez, law.

• Governmental Relations: Russell Clark, physics and astronomy/arts and sciences; Ed Galloway, University Library System.

• Library: Mark Lynn Anderson, English/arts and sciences; Chunbin Zou, medicine; Elizabeth Mahoney, information sciences.

• Plant Utilization and Planning: Jim Becker, medicine; Eugene Wagner, chemistry/arts and sciences; Pat Roncevich, law.

• Tenure and Academic Freedom: Abbe De Vallejo, medicine; Jane Cauley, public health; Rakesh Sindhi, medicine.

• Research: Penny Morel, medicine; Shilpa Sant, pharmacy; Lauren Terhorst, health and rehabilitation sciences.

• Student Admissions, Aid and Affairs: Joanne Baird, health and rehabilitation sciences; Harvey Borovetz, engineering; Marylou Gramm, English/arts and sciences; Susan Wesmiller, nursing.

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