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University of Pittsburgh
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May 9, 1996


Pitt's policies need to enter the 1990s

To the editor:

When will the University of Pittsburgh update itself with the 1990s? I thought when I began working here that I would witness first hand all of the current technology and trends. I am continuously disappointed. I am speaking about flexibility in the workplace. I have just returned to work following maternity leave. I (like many people) don't want my family to suffer because of my career or my career to suffer because of my family. When I attempted to make arrangements with my supervisor to possibly alter my work schedule I was informed that either I return to work at the "normal" time schedule or they would replace me in a timely fashion. There was no effort made by my department in trying to work with me to come to a mutually agreed upon decision where the University did not suffer, nor did my family. There are many options to think about such as flex hours, job sharing, and part time, just to name a few. Employers today should be more flexible with their employees. I am confident that the University would like to retain their valuable employees and work with them to find successful solutions. Unfortunately, I did not have this experience.

Lisa Brand


Central Purchasing

Darlene Lewis, associate vice chancellor of Human Resources, replies:

Ms. Brand, as well as all staff employees, are encouraged to contact the Employee Relations section of the Office of Human Resources to discuss ways to resolve conflicts with their supervisors. In addition, this office can provide child care resource guides as well as information about the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program.

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