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May 26, 2016

Romoff’s pay exceeds $6.4M

Jeffrey A. Romoff

Jeffrey A. Romoff

Jeffrey A. Romoff, UPMC president and CEO, was the organization’s highest-paid employee in 2014, with compensation totaling $6,424,639.

In its annual IRS form 990 filing, the UPMC group reported that Romoff’s compensation was made up of $961,546 in base compensation, $3,050,000 in bonus and incentive pay, $1,733,656 in other reportable compensation, $659,203 in retirement and other deferred compensation, and $20,234 in nontaxable benefits.

The UPMC group filing reports on the operations of 42 tax-exempt UPMC entities including 12 hospital entities, 10 physician services entities, three skilled-nursing facilities and 17 other ancillary service and support entities within the UPMC integrated health care delivery system.

Among others, the group filing covers the University of Pittsburgh Physicians, the faculty-physician practice plan associated with Pitt’s School of Medicine, and UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, which includes UPMC Presbyterian, UPMC Shadyside, Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, UPMC Montefiore, Eye and Ear Institute and Hillman Cancer Center.

The 42 UPMC subsidiaries employed 60,600 people in 2014.

In its annual disclosure, UPMC stated that 6,721 individuals earned more than $100,000 in reportable compensation from the organization in 2014, up from 4,536 in 2013.

UPMC’s latest form 990 covers fiscal year 2015, which ended June 30, 2015, but compensation is reported for the calendar year 2014.

Highest-paid non-officers

Excluding officers, directors and trustees, UPMC’s five highest compensated employees in 2014 were:

• Neurosurgeon Ghassan Bejjani, $2,312,379.

• Orthopaedic surgeon Christopher Schmidt, $1,625,115.

• Cardiothoracic surgeon Vinay Badhwar, $1,612,856.

• Cardiothoracic surgeon Thomas Gleason, $1,629,437.

• Orthopaedic surgeon Robert Kaufmann, $1,559,082.

Compensation included base compensation, bonus and incentive compensation, other reportable compensation, retirement and other deferred compensation, and nontaxable benefits.

Department chairs

Compensation from UPMC was reported for the following department chairs:

• Derek Angus, critical care medicine, $556,877.

• K. Ty Bae, radiology, $632,568.

• Timothy R. Billiar, surgery, $825,336.

• Michael Boninger, physical medicine and rehabilitation, $334,070.

• Louis D. Falo Jr., dermatology, $506,252.

• Robert M. Friedlander, neurological surgery, $1,434,005.

• Freddie H. Fu, orthopaedic surgery, $1,626,892.

• Joel S. Greenberger, radiation oncology, $562,155.

• W. Allen Hogge, obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences, $589,981.

• Jonas T. Johnson, otolaryngology, $875,034.

• James Kang, orthopaedic spinal surgery, $1,830,164.

• David A. Lewis, psychiatry, $580,555.

• James D. Luketich, cardiothoracic surgery, $2,481,783.

• George K. Michalopoulos, pathology, $514,003.

• Joel B. Nelson, urology, $929,570.

• David Hirsch Perlmutter, pediatrics, $553,016.

• John J. Reilly, medicine, $543,374.

• Joel S. Schuman, ophthalmology, $616,531.

• Jeannette E. South-Paul, family medicine, $263,300.

• Lawrence Wechsler, neurology, $706,945.

• Donald Yealy, emergency medicine, $506,899.

Compensation included base compensation, bonus and incentive compensation, other reportable compensation, retirement and other deferred compensation, and nontaxable benefits.

Highest-paid contractors

Two hundred independent contractors were paid more than $100,000 by the organization in 2014.

The UPMC group’s five highest-paid contractors for that year were:

• Pittsburgh-based contractor PJ Dick Contracting, $37,846,206.

• McKeesport-based rehabilitation services provider Centers for Rehab Services, $32,378,598.

• Pittsburgh-based contractor Mosites Construction, $23,393,689.

• Erie-based medical services provider Medicor Associates, $18,858,604.

• Pittsburgh-based contractor Rycon Construction, $16,351,120.

Form 990 filings for the UPMC group and the UPMC parent organization are posted at

—Kimberly K. Barlow 

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