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University of Pittsburgh
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May 9, 1996

Branch of international childhood education group meets here

The U.S. branch of the only worldwide, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving early childhood education held its annual meeting at Pitt, May 3-5.

Though most of the weekend's events were limited to U.S. national committee members of the World Organization for Early Childhood Education, Pitt is expected to benefit from hosting the meeting. The University will gain greater national — even international — attention for its early childhood education programs, according to Anna Blevins, Pitt education professor who serves on the U.S. national committee.

Educators from 60 nations belong to the World Organization for Early Childhood Education, which has ties to a number of international humanitarian groups, including the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund and the Council of Europe.

The organization held its first world conference at Prague in 1948. Its stated purpose is "to use every possible means to promote for all children the optimum conditions for well-being, education and development." To that end, the organization supports research and other efforts to improve early childhood education.

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