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July 21, 2016


Thursday 21

CIDDE Workshop
“Developing a Teaching Philosophy Statement”;
815 Alumni, 1 pm

Friday 22

• Summer 6-week-2 session deadline for students to submit monitored withdrawal forms to dean’s office.

SBDC Workshop
“The 2nd Step: Developing a Business Plan”;
Mervis, 7:30-10 am
(also Aug. 19; register:

Monday 25

CIDDE Workshop
“Cheating & Plagiarism”;
B26 Alumni, noon

HSLS Workshop
“Painless PubMed,”
Melissa Ratajeski;
Falk Library classrm. 1, 3 pm

Tuesday 26

GI Lecture
“Management of Ingested Foreign Bodies,” Kevin McGrath; Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

Molecular Medicine Research Seminar
“Blood Flow & Oxygenation During Kidney Development & Disease,”
Sunder Sims-Lucas;
3rd fl., Rangos Research Conf. Ctr., noon

Wednesday 27

• Summer 4-week-3 session deadline for students to submit monitored withdrawal forms to dean’s office.

Pitt Night at PNC Park
Seattle Mariners vs. Pittsburgh Pirates;
PNC Park, 7 pm
(pre-game happy hr.; Block House Corner, located at the base of the left field rotunda, 5:30-7 pm

Thursday 28

Pharmacy/ACOPC Overdose Conf.
“Anatomy of Recovery: Peaks & Valleys,”
Keynote: Gary Tennis, PA Dept. of Drug & Alcohol Programs;
Scaife lect. rms. 5 & 6, 8 am-4:30 pm

Shadyside Medicine Grand Rounds
“The Importance of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Foods & Chronic Disease,”
Samara Neilson;
UPMC Shadyside west wing aud., noon

Friday 29

GI Lecture
“Diarrhea & Malabsorption,”
Jana Al Hashash;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am


Tuesday 2

GI Lecture
“Viral Hepatitis,”
Michael Dunn;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

Wednesday 3

Inst. for Entrepreneurial Excellence Workshop
“The 70% Failure Rate: Is It Real & What Are the Best Practices Which Will Help Us Avoid the Shirtsleeves to Shirtsleeves in the Three Generations Proverb?”
John Warnick, Purposeful Planning Inst.;
Rivers Club, Downtown, 7:30-10:30 am

Critical Care Medicine Grand Rounds
“Faculty Well-Being & Burnout,”
Dena Hofkosh; 1105AB Scaife, noon

Thursday 4

HSLS Workshop
“Painless PubMed,” Charlie Wessel;
Falk Library classrm. 1, 9 am

Friday 5

GI Lecture
“Nutrition Assessment, Parenteral Nutrition & Venous Access,”
David Binion;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

SBDC Workshop
“The 1st Step: Mechanics of Starting a Small Business”;
Mervis, 7:30-10 am

Saturday 6

• Summer 12-week, 6-week-2, 4-week-3 sessions end; final exams scheduled during last class meeting.

Monday 8

Pharmacy/NIDA Computational Drug Abuse Neuroscience Conf.
Keynote: Christopher Waller, Merck;
Salk Pavilion, 7:30 am-6 pm
(also Aug. 9, 7:30 am-1:30 pm;

Tuesday 9

GI Lecture
“Hereditary GI Disorders,”
Randall Brand & Beth Dudley, genetics;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

HSLS Workshop
“Painless PubMed,”
Jill Foust;
Falk Library classrm. 1, 11:30 am

CIDDE Workshop
“Developing a Teaching Portfolio”;
B26 Alumni, 1 pm

Wednesday 10

Building Evacuation Exercises
Scaife, 8:30 am

Thursday 11

Building Evacuation Exercises
Starzl BST & BST South, 8:30 am

CIDDE Workshop
“Syllabus Construction”;
B26 Alumni, 10 am

Farmers Market
WPU driveway, 11:30 am-2:30 pm (also on Sept. 1)

Friday 12

Building Evacuation Exercises
Salk, 7:30 am;
BST3, 8:30 am;
Petersen, 9:15 am

GI Lecture
“Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Evaluation & Management,”
Marc Schwartz;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

Saturday 13

• Summer term ends; final exams scheduled during last class meeting.

• Official date for awarding degrees.

Monday 15

Building Evacuation Exercises
WPU, 8:30 am

Tuesday 16

GI Lecture
“Dysphagia & GERD,”
Kenneth Fasanella;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

Building Evacuation Exercises
Benedum, 8:30 am;
Public Health, 10 am

CIDDE Workshop
“The Role of the TA”;
B26 Alumni, 2 pm

Wednesday 17

Building Evacuation Exercises
LRDC, 8:30 am; SIS, 9:15 am

HSLS Workshop
“Endnote Basics,”
Pat Weiss;
Falk Library classrm. 2, 10 am-noon

Critical Care Medicine Grand Rounds
“Biosecurity & Emergency Preparedness,”
Adalja Amesh; 1105AB Scaife, noon

Thursday 18

Building Evacuation Exercises
UClub, 8:30 am;
Chevron, 9:15 am

CIDDE Workshop
“Developing a Lesson Plan”;
B26 Alumni, 10 am

Friday 19

Building Evacuation Exercises
Alumni, 7:30 am

Building Evacuation Exercises
CL, 9 am

“Enteral Nutrition & Enteral Access: Successful Feeding in the ICU,”
Stephen O’Keefe; Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

Physics & Astronomy/Allegheny Observatory Lecture
“Building a Galactic Scale Gravitational Wave Observatory,”
Maura McLaughlin, WVU, & Arthur Kosowsky, physics & astronomy;
159 Riverview Drive, North Side, 7 pm
(reservations: 412-321-2400)

Monday 22

• Residence halls open.

Arrival Survival
Students move in through Aug. 26. Bigelow Blvd. closed between Forbes & 5th

GI Lecture
“Complications of Cirrhosis: Evaluation & Management, Part 2,”
Shahid Malik;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

Tuesday 23

GI Lecture
“Fulminant Hepatic Failure: Evaluation & Management,”
Obaid Shaikh;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

Wednesday 24

New Student Convocation
Peterson, 3 pm

Thursday 25

New Faculty Orientation
Connolly Ballrm. Alumni, 8:30 am
(by invitation only)

Friday 26

GI Lecture
“Screening for GI Malignancies,”
Robert Schoen;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am

New TA Orientation
Lawrence lobby, 9 am

Monday 29

CIDDE Workshop
“Help! My Blackboard Course Is a Mess!”;
B26 Alumni, 10 am

CIDDE Workshop
“Introduction to Blackboard”;
B26 Alumni, 2 pm

Tuesday 30

GI Lecture
“Acute & Chronic Pancreatitis,”
George Papachristou;
Presby M2 C-wing conf. rm., 7:30 am


A&S/Intelligent Systems Program
“Canonical Correlation Analysis in Cross Domain Recommendation,”
Sahebi Shaghayegh;
July 21, 828 SIS, 10 am

A&S/Geology & Environmental Science
“Reactive Nitrogen Emissions & Deposition From Unconventional Natural Gas Extraction in the Marcellus Shale Basin,”
Justin Coughline;
July 21, 214 SRCC, noon

SHRS/Computational Biology
“Closing the Loop: A Combined Computational Modeling & Experimental Approach Provides Novel Insights Into Immune Cell Signaling Systems & Their Global Effects,”
Robert Sheehan;
July 22, 3073 BST3, noon

SHRS/Rehabilitation Science & Technology
“Peer Review in Design: Understanding the Impact of Collaboration on the Review Process & Student Perception,”
Mahender Mandala;
July 22, 401 Bakery Square rm. 2, 1 pm

“Studies Toward the Synthesis of 6,12-Guaianolide Analogs & Related Chemical Tools for Probing Their Mechanism of NF-kß Inhibition,”
Sarah Wells;
July 22, 307 Eberly, 1:30 pm

Medicine/Cellular & Molecular Pathology
“Extracellular Matrix-Enhanced Biomimetic Scaffolds for Tissue Specific Orthopaedic Tissue Engineering,” Benjamin Rothrauff;
July 25, Bridgepoint II 4th fl. conf. rm., 3 pm

“NMR Characterization of Metal Nanoparticle Formation, Structure & Function,”
Lauren Marbella;
July 26, 655 Chevron, 1:30 pm

Public Health/Epidemiology
“Epidemiology of General, Regional & Ectopic Skeletal Muscle Fat in Aging African Ancestry Men,”
Qian Zhao;
July 27, A425 Crabtree, 1:30 pm

“Sleeping on the Ashes: Slum Clearance in Havana in an Age of Revolution, 1930-65,”
Jesse Horst;
July 28, 3703 Posvar, 10:30 am

A&S/Physics & Astronomy
“Cooling the Center of Mass Motion of a Diamond Nanocrystal in a Magneto-Gravitational Trap,”
Jen-Feng Hsu;
July 29, 105 Allen, 10 am

“Computational Study of Proton-Disordered Phases of Ice,”
Xun Wang;
Aug. 1, 307 Eberly, 10 am

SHRS/Physical Therapy
“Fat Depots Within & Around the Skeletal Muscle in Rheumatoid Arthritis & Their Role in Physical Function,” Samannaaz Khoja;
Aug. 2, 4060 Forbes Twr., 9 am

“Steering the Seas of Reform: Education, Empirical Science and Royal Naval Medicine, 1815-1860,” Christopher Myers;
Aug. 2, 3703 Posvar, 9:30 am

“Old English Composition: Literacy & the History of English in the United States,”
Justin Sevenker;
Aug. 2, 501 CL, 2 pm

A&S/Intelligent Systems
“Obtaining Accurate Probabilities Using Classifier Calibration,”
Mahdi Naeini;
Aug. 5, Offices at Baum, 407 Biomedical Informatics, 9 am

“Synthesis & Characterization of Repeating Sequence Copolyesters Prepared by Segmer Assembly Polymerization & Entropy-driven Ring-opening Metathesis Poly-merization,”
Ryan Weiss;
Aug. 5, 307 Eberly, 1 pm

Engineering/Chemical Engineering
“Synthesis & Applications of 1 & 2 Dimensional Polymer Carbon Nanomaterial Composites,”
Wanji Seo;
Aug. 8, 307 Eberly, 2 pm

SHRS/Physical Therapy
“Identifying Factors Associated With Physical Therapists’ Adherence to Low Back Pain Guidelines Across the Domains of the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research: A Mixed Methods Study,”
Joel Stevans;
Aug. 10, 4017 Forbes Twr., 1 pm

Information Sciences/Telecommunications & Networking
“Modeling All Optical Time & Space Time Switching Fabrics With Frame Integrity,”
Luai Hasnawi;
Aug. 25, 828 IS, 11 am

“Using Inorganic Nanoparticle Surface Passivation as a Tool for New Approaches in Photovoltaics,”
Brian Bloom;
July 29, 307 Eberly, 2 pm

Medicine/Molecular Virology & Microbiology
“Establishment & Reversal of HIV-1 Latency in Primary CD4+ Naïve & Central Memory T Cells,”
Jennifer Zerbato;
Aug. 30, 1105AB Scaife, 1 pm


Kinetic Theatre Production
“The Hound of the Baskervilles”;
Charity Randall Theatre, through Aug. 7
(times & tickets:


Audubon Exhibit
“Wilson’s Phalarope,” through Aug. 31;
“The Red Phalarope,” through Sept. 30;
Hillman Library gr. fl. exhibit case; M-Th 8 am-10 pm, Fri. 8 am-6 pm, Sat. 10 am-6 pm & Sun. noon-9 pm (inquiries: 648-8190)


Chancellor’s Affirmative Action Award/UPSIDE
Submit nominations by July 29.

University Times “What’s New at Pitt?” Submissions
Deadline is Aug. 15 for submitting information for first fall term issue.


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