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June 20, 1996

Staff recognition awards program approved

A new award has been approved that recognizes in a substantial monetary way the contributions of staff to the overall good of the University.

The Chancellor's Award for Excellence was recently approved by Interim Chancellor Mark Nordenberg and will be given annually to up to five staff members beginning in fiscal year 1997.

The award, which will be available to all full-time and part-time staff, includes a $2,500 check for each recipient. Award winners also will have their names inscribed on a permanent plaque located in the William Pitt Union and be recognized at a staff recognition reception and Pitt's annual honors convocation.

"The University now has a visible and significant way to honor staff members who go above and beyond the call of duty," Provost James Maher said in announcing the award at Senate Council's June 10 meeting.

According to Maher, the purpose of the Chancellor's Award for Excellence is to acknowledge and reward extraordinary staff performance in the workplace. He said the award will be given to staff members who show a special dedication to the University and a consistent pattern of voluntary service of significant importance.

"The award will recognize the diversity of all ranks of staff members and represent a cross section of campus responsibility centers," Maher added.

The Chancellor's Award for Excellence was developed over a two-year period, according to Maher, by the Provost's Advisory Committee on Women's Concerns' (PACWC) subcommittee for staff concerns, which includes members from Staff Association Council (SAC) and Equipoise.

According to award guidelines, possible nomination criteria include exceptional contributions toward the effectiveness of a unit or department; implementation of an innovative approach to a job that impacts on productivity; development of a cost-saving idea; excellent customer service; volunteering for and working on special projects; serving on a committee and contributing to its success; consistently demonstrating positive interpersonal relationships that support the diversity of the University; making special efforts to recognize excellence in others, and contributing to an exceptionally supportive, team-oriented environment.

Although the award is open to all full-time and part-time staff, to be eligible a staff member must be employed at Pitt for a minimum of three years during which he or she demonstrated a consistent pattern of excellence in the category for which he or she is nominated.

Nominations must contain a one-page letter stating that the candidate meets or exceeds the guidelines for the award, and supporting documentation. Required information includes a completed job history form, a letter of verification from the candidate's supervisor and, if applicable, the names of individuals who utilize the services of the nominee.

Optional information could include a list of services the candidate has performed for the University, including all assignments on committees and task forces, and recommendations from officials of significant community and/or professional organizations for which the candidates has served, with relevant information such as clippings from newspapers and other publications.

Staff members, even those who win an award, may be re-nominated for additional awards. However, a new nomination letter and new supporting material must be submitted with each nomination. Any member of the University community, including students and alumni, may nominate a staff member for an award. A call for nominations will be made through a mailing to the managerial list, the University Times, The Pitt News and the SAC Quarterly newsletter. Nominations must be sent to the chair of the chancellor's awards committee in care of the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources.

Members of the awards committee will be appointed by the chancellor. Special consideration for new appointments to the committee will be given to past award recipients. Membership on the original committee will include a representative from the Chancellor's office, PACWC, SAC and Equipoise. Committee members will elect a chairperson.

The assistant vice chancellor for Human Resources and the president of the Staff Advisory Committee will serve as ex-officio members of the committee and will not vote. Human Resources will provide administrative assistance.

The committee will use the following guidelines for selecting award winners: * A staff member may receive an award in the same category a maximum of twice.

* Excellence in any category should be demonstrated in a consistent pattern for a minimum of one year and be ongoing at the time a candidate is being considered for an award.

* Awards will be given to the five best candidates, who may be considered in one or more categories. If there are no worthy candidates in a category, the award may be directed to another category or not granted.

Once selected by the awards committee, winners will be notified by the chancellor and notifications sent to the responsibility center head, the winner's supervisor and the nominator. The committee chair will notify nominators and candidates who do not receive the award and their nominating materials will be returned.

The chancellor will present the awards at an annual staff recognition reception. The names of the winners will be listed in the honors convocation program and recipients recognized during the ceremony. Members of the Pitt community and the families of winners will be invited to attend the event.

Photographs and biographical information on the awardees will be sent to the University Times, The Pitt News and SAC Quarterly. News releases also will be sent to local newspapers, television and radio stations.

Funding for the awards will be determined by the Chancellor's office, according to the award guidelines.

–Mike Sajna

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