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June 20, 1996

Katz plans conference on outsourcing in public schools

The Katz Graduate School of Business will host a conference on "Outsourcing the Management of Public Schools: Issues and Evidence" on July 9 in Mervis Hall.

Topics to be discussed include the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing; the market for outsourcing, and the experiences of school districts that have contracted out various management functions.

Incentive and performance practices, and dispute resolution in outsourced and traditional contracts also will be explored, as will the controversy that erupted last year when Wilkinsburg School District decided to turn over the operation of Turner Elementary School to Alternative Public Schools, Inc. Discussing the Wilkinsburg initiative will be John Eason of Alternative Public Schools; Peter Thompson, chair of the Wilkinsburg School Board, and Jeremy Resnick, an education consultant with the Regional Charter School Support Network at Duquesne University. The keynote speaker for the conference will be Eugene W. Hickok, state secretary of education. He will explore the question: "Can the Private Sector Serve the Public Interest?" Other speakers include John Chubb, The Edison Project; Peter Donnelly, Wappingers Central School Board, N.Y.; Mae Gaskin, Education Alternatives; Walter Amprey, Baltimore City School; Vince Doran, Teledyne Economic Development; Richard Ferguson, American College Testing, James Heckman, University of Chicago; Robert Schwab, University of Maryland; Eric Hanushek, University of Rochester; Michael Podgursky, University of Missouri; Robert Strauss, Carnegie Mellon University, and Bill Bavin, Ferris Baker Watts.

The registration deadline is July 1. Call the Center for Research on Contracts and the Structure of Enterprise, Katz Graduate School of Business, 648-2034.

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