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University of Pittsburgh
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September 1, 2016


To the editor:

The July 21 University Times article on “Restacking the Cathedral of Learning” fails to mention a few negative decisions which will affect students.

Since 1938, the only kitchen on campus which could be used by departments and summer classes was on the 12th floor (1220 CL).  It adjoined a large conference and banquet room. The Nationality Rooms committees used this kitchen to prepare ethnic foods to sell as summer study abroad scholarship fundraisers.

The kitchen was demolished in May 2016. The Nationality Rooms program was not consulted about this decision, which will severely impact our summer study abroad scholarship fundraising efforts.

This year we awarded a record 47 scholarships to send students all over the world to study and to conduct scholarly research. This record is unlikely to be reached in the future without the 1220 CL kitchen.

On the bright side, the Braun Room, 1201 CL, with its $200,000 Iranian rug, where we administer our scholarships, has been allowed to remain intact.

E. Maxine Bruhns
Director, Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Programs

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