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October 27, 2016


BMW Jazz 2012 SP

The annual jazz seminar and concert runs Oct. 31-Nov. 5. Among this year’s performers are, above, Fred Wesley, jazz-funk trombonist who was music director and arranger for James Brown, and, below, Dave McMurray, the multi-instrumentalist who recently performed on saxo- phone with Kid Rock.

Thursday 27

GI Lecture
“Endoscopy #1: Foreign Body Removal,” Kevin McGrath; Presby admin. conf. rm. M2 C-wing., 7 am

OACD Workshop
“Publishing in High-Impact Journals: An Editor’s Perspective,” Brooke LaFlamme, Nature Genetics; S100 BST, 8:30 am (

FSDP Workshop
“Writing With Style: Official University Style, That Is!” Sarah Rosenson; 342 Craig, 9 am (register: McMurray PSdevelopment/faculty-st)

Trustees Academic Affairs/Libraries Com. Mtg.
2700 Posvar, 9:15 am

FSDP Workshop
“Computer Security,” Sean Sweeney, CSSD; 302 Benedum, 10 am (register: register:

Techtober Fest
U Store on 5th, 11 am-3 pm

Open-Access Week Presentation
“The Power of Open,” Heather Joseph, Scholarly Publishing/Academic Resources Coalition; 609 Duquesne Student Union, 700 Forbes Ave., 11 am (

Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar
Partha Roy; 6014 BST3, 11 am

Epidemiology Seminar
“Mediation Analysis for Health Disparities Research,” Ashley Naimi; G23 Parran, noon

Health Services Research Seminar
“The Precision Medicine Initiative & Personalized Modeling of Precision Medicine,” Shyam Visweswaran; 305 Parkvale, noon

Trustees Property/Facilities Com. Mtg.
2700 Posvar, 2 pm

Open-Access Week Presentation
“Open in Action: The Government, the University & You,” U.S. Rep. Mike Doyle; UClub ballrm. B, 4 pm (live stream:

HSLS Workshop
“Painless PubMed,” Pat Weiss; Falk Library classrm. 1, 4 pm (

Classics Lecture
“The Tsountas House Shrine: Early Greek Religion & the Cult Center at Mycenae,” Kim Shelton, UC-Berkeley; 304 CL, 4:30 pm

Social Work Workshop
“Effective Interviews”; 2309 CL, 5 pm (

Friday 28

FSDP Workshop
“Basics of Federal Contract Administration,” Heather Bragg; 342 Craig, 9 am (register:

Senate CUC Mtg.
717 CL, 10 am

Trustees Mtg.
WPU Assembly Rm., 11 am

Psychiatry Lecture
“Circadian Genes, Rhythms & the Biology of Psychiatric Disorders,” Colleen McClung; WPIC aud., noon (

UCSUR Seminar
“Producing & Preserving Affordable Housing in Shrinking Cities: Challenges & Opportunities,” J. Rosie Tighe, Cleveland State; 3911 Posvar, noon (rsvp:

Senate BPC Mtg.
156 CL, 2:30 pm

Teaching Ctr. Workshop
“African-American Student Experience: Perceptions & Reflections,” James Huguley; 211 Lawrence, 3 pm (

Philosophy Lecture
“Typical Worlds,” Jeffrey Barrett, UC-Irvine; 817R CL, 3:30 pm

Monday 31

CSSD Cyber Security Scarehouse
WPU ballrm. & Assembly Rm., 11 am-3 pm

Jazz Seminar Performance
Pitt Jazz Ensemble; WPU lower lounge, noon (

Senate EIADAC Mtg.
826 CL, noon

Bradford Campus Discussion/ Meditation
“Mindfulness & Consciousness Studies,” Tony Silvestre, pubilc health; Wick Chapel, UPB, 4 pm

Biological Sciences/UPCI Cancer Virology Program Seminar
“Recoding: Expansion of Decoding Rules Enriches Gene Expression,” John Atkins, U of Utah & U College Cork, Ireland; 169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

Bioethics/Health Law Lecture
“The Sacrament of Swallowing: The Intersection of Swallowing Disorders & Religious Practice,” Paula Leslie; 602 CL, 5 pm


Tuesday 1

FSDP Workshop
“Managing Up,” Diane Chabel; 342 Craig, 9 am (register:

FSDP Workshop
“Office of Research Orientation,” Kelly Downing & Christine McClure; B21 UClub, 9 am (register:

FSDP Workshop
“Microsoft Excel 2013 Fundamentals,” Vernon Franklin; 302 Bellefield, 10 am (register:

Bradford Campus Presentation
“Mindfulness & Consciousness Studies,” Tony Silvestre, public health; Wick Chapel, UPB, 11:30 am

SAC Seminar
“Benefits 101”; WPU ballrm., noon

Basic/Translational Research Seminar
“DNA Palindromes in Personal Genomes: A Study of 1,000 Genomes & TCGA Breast Cancer Genomes,” Madhavi Ganapathiraju; Hillman Cancer Ctr., Cooper Conf. Ctr. rm. D, noon

Molecular Medicine Research Seminar
“Growth Factor Signaling Pathways in Mouse Models of Lung Development & Cancer,” David Ornitz; Rangos Research Ctr., noon

HSLS Workshop
“Advanced PowerPoint for Presentations,” Julia Dahm; Falk Library classrm. 2, 1 pm (

Pharmacology/Chemical Biology Seminar
“Exploring the Chemical Biology of Nitric Oxide in Cancer: Insights Into Novel Mechanism of Prognosis & Treatment,” David Wink, NCI; 1395 BST, 3:30 pm

Jazz Seminar Presentation
“Covering All Bassists,” Dwayne Dolphin; FFA aud., 7 pm (

Wednesday 2

Donald Blechman Surgical Oncology Lecture
“Advances in the Treatment of Melanoma,” Kelly McMasters, U of Louisville; Scaife aud. 6, 7 am (

Clinical Oncology/Hematology Grand Rounds
“A Neurologist Looks at Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Therapies for Hematologic Malignancies,” Frank Lieberman, Hillman Cancer Ctr., Cooper Conf. Ctr. rm. C, 8 am (

FSDP Workshop
“Using Social Media for Career Development,” Kyshira Moffett; 342 Craig, 9 am (register:

Critical Care Medicine Grand Rounds
“ICU Education,” Lillian Emlet; 1105AB Scaife, noon

Teaching Ctr. Workshop
“Transamerica,” Julie Beaulieu & Julian Peterson; Alumni 7th fl. aud., 3 pm (

Open-Access Week Workshop
“PGH Wikipedia Redd-up-a-thon”; Hillman Library gr. fl. Digital Scholarship Commons, 5 pm

Jazz Seminar Film
“’Round Midnight,” Dexter Gordon; FFA aud., 6 pm (

Thursday 3

OACD Workshop
“Developing Competitive Grant Applications,” Bruce Freeman; S100 BST, 8:30 am

FSDP Workshop
“Grammar, Punctuation & Proofreading: Ensuring Professional Presentation,” Beth Newborg; 342 Craig, 9 am (register:

Diversity Career Conf./Fair
WPU, 9 am-1 pm

FSDP Workshop
“Excel 2013 Quick Start: Charts & Pivot Tables Level 1,” Vernon Franklin; 302 Bellefield, 10 am (register:

Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar
Timothy Springer, Harvard; 6014 BST3, 11 am

GI Lecture
“Cohort Study,” Mohannad Dugum; Presby admin. conf. rm. M2, noon

ADRC Lecture
“A 7T Study of Neurovascular Integrity in Community-Dwelling Older Adults,” C. Elizabeth Shaaban; S439 conf. rm. Montefiore, noon

Epidemiology Seminar
“Early Childhood Caries: A Neglected Epidemic,” Robert Weyant; G23 Parran, noon

Health Services Research Seminar
“The Penn Medicine Nudge Unit: Changing Clinician & Patient Behaviors to Improve Health Care Value & Outcomes,” Mitesh Patel, Penn; 305 Parkvale, noon

Provost’s Inaugural Lecture
“60 Years of Orthopaedic Research in Pgh,” Freddie Fu, orthopaedic surgery; Scaife lecture rm. 6, 4 pm

Neural Basis of Cognition Colloquium
“Neural Mechanisms Underlying Visual Object Recognition,” James DiCarlo, MIT; 6014 BST3, 4 pm

Jazz Seminar Lecture
“History of Jazz,” Maxine Gordon; FFA aud., 7 pm (

Friday 4

Brain Inst. Brain Day 2016
WPU Assembly Rm. & ballrm., 9 am-4:30 pm

FSDP Workshop
“Int’l Students at Pitt”; 342 Craig, 9 am (register:

Psychiatry Grand Rounds
“The Future Is Now: Brain Stimulation for Psychiatric Disorders,” Lalith Solai, Jordan Karp, R. Mark Richardson, Francis Lotrich & Carmen Andreesu; WPIC aud., noon (

Jazz Seminar Presentation
“Listen Like a Musician, Sing Like a Songbird,” Cassandra Wilson; FFA aud., noon (

HSLS Workshop
“Painless PubMed,” Charles Wessel; Falk Library classrm. 1, noon (

Human Genetics Bioethics Lecture
“Precision Medicine’s Contribution to Public Health: An Infectious Disease Case Study,” Vence Bonham, genomics & health disparities; A115 Crabtree, noon (

Senate Research Com. Mtg.
156 CL, 1 pm

Jazz Seminar Presentation
“The Role of Jazz in Funk,” Fred Wesley, trombone; FFA aud., 1:30 pm (

Jazz Seminar Presentation
“My Life in Music,” Perry Hughes, guitar; FFA aud., 3 pm (

Teaching Ctr. Workshop
“Students With Disabilities,” Rory Cooper, SHRS; 211 Lawrence, 3 pm (

Jazz Seminar Presentation
“What Now?” Jamison Ross, drums; FFA aud., 4:30 pm (

Jazz Seminar Lecture
“The Business of Jazz,” Linda Lorence; FFA aud., 7 pm (

Saturday 5

Jazz Seminar Performance
“Jazz & the Quest for Individuality,” Dwayne Dolphin, bass, & Dave McMurray, saxophone; Hill House, Elsie H. Hillman Aud., 1825 Centre Ave., Hill District, 10 am (

Jazz Seminar Presentation
“A Letter to My Younger Self,” Ambrose Akinmusire, trumpet; FFA aud., 10 am (

Jazz Seminar Conversation
S. Epatha Merkerson; FFA aud., 11 am (

Jazz Seminar Concert
Carnegie Music Hall, 7:30 pm (tickets:

Sunday 6

Slavic Language/Literatures Festival
CL Commons Rm., 1 pm (

Tuesday 8

FSDP Workshop
“Different Like You: Recognizing Stereotypes & Removing Barriers,” Warren McCoy; 342 Craig, 9 am (register:

FSDP Workshop
“Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Fundamentals,” Vernon Franklin; 302 Bellefield, 10 am (register:

CRSP Lecture
“Race & Gender in the Police: Beyond the Blue Uniform,” Maurita Bryant, Allegheny Cty. Police; 2017 CL, noon (

Molecular Medicine Research Seminar
“The Need for Biomedical Research in Diverse Populations,” Esteban Burchard, U of CA-San Francisco; Rangos Research Ctr., noon

Nordenberg Lecture in Law, Medicine & Psychiatry
“Disability Rights & End of Life Liberty: Respect for Autonomy & Empowerment of the Individual,” Kathryn Tucker, Disability Rights Legal Ctr.; Barco Teplitz Courtrm., 12:30 pm

Geriatric Medicine Lecture
“Forever Young: From Genome Stability to Extracellular Matrix,” Andrei Seluanov, U of Rochester; 1295 BST, 1 pm

Faculty Assembly Mtg.
2700 Posvar, 3 pm

Pharmacology/Chemical Biology Seminar
“Redox Biology of Head & Neck Cancer,” Cristina Furdui, Wake Forest; 1395 BST, 3:30 pm

Wednesday 9

FSDP Workshop
“Public Speaking in a Nutshell,” Michael Bannon; 342 Craig, 9 am (register:

FSDP Workshop
“Understanding Policies & Procedures for Staff Time Off for Supervisors,” Diane Chabel; 211 Lawrence, 9 am (register:

HSLS Workshop
“Endnote Basics,” Linda Hartman; Falk Library classrm. 2, 11 am (

FSDP Workshop
“Strategies for Resolving Conflict,” Maureen Lazar; 342 Craig, 1 pm (register:

Thursday 10

FSDP Workshop
“The Respectful Workplace,” Jane Volk & Keith Kapusta; 342 Craig, 9 am (register:

FSDP Workshop
“Navigating the University Library System,” Leslie Poljak; G74 Hillman Library, 9 am (register:

Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar
“Giving Genes the Silent Treatment: Engineering Lipid Materials for Potent siRNA Delivery,” Kathryn Whitehead, CMU; 6014 BST3, 11 am

Social Work Workshop
“Evaluating & Negotiating Offers”; 2309 CL, noon (

Social Work Panel Discussion
“Housing Summit”; 2017 CL, noon (

GI Lecture
“Case Control Study,” Preethi Chintamaneni; Presby admin. conf. rm. M2 C-wing., noon

Epidemiology Seminar
“The Impact of Sleep on Obesity & Weight Gain,” Sanjay Patel; G23 Parran, noon

Veterans’ Roll Call
“Remembering PA Servicemen & Women Who Have Lost Their Lives in Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation
Enduring Freedom”; Heinz Chapel; 1 pm

HSLS Workshop
“Painless PubMed,” Barb Folb; Falk Library classrm. 1, 4 pm (


A&S/Slavic Languages & Literatures
“The Flying Fish: Sergei Eisenstein Abroad, 1929-32,” Natalia Ryabchikova; Oct. 27, 1325 CL, noon

Education/Instruction & Learning
“Critical Thinking in Language Support Programs for International Students in American Universities & Colleges,” Eva Kowalewski; Oct. 27, 5151 Posvar, 1 pm

A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literatures
“For a Theater of Ideas: Felipe Santander & the Political Performance in Mexico,” Emma Freeman; Oct. 28, 1325 CL, noon

“Sustainable Practices & Sustainability Ideology on Small Farms in North Central West Virginia,” Mandy Zickefoose; Oct. 28, 3106 Posvar, 1 pm

A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literatures
“(Re)producing Men: Homosociality in Latin American 19th-Century National Narratives,” Becky Klink; Nov. 7, 1325 CL, 3 pm

A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literature
“Los Laberintos de la Jotería: Una Historia Sexual de la Estética Mexicana (1917-34),” Jairo Galvis; Nov. 8, 127 CL, 1 pm

“Regulation of Renal Immunity & Immunology,” Kritika Ramani; Nov. 9, 1103 Scaife, 10 am

Engineering/Industrial Engineering
“Optimizing Multi-item Inventory Management Decisions in Health Care Facilities,” Nazanin Esmaili; Nov. 9, 1041 Benedum, 2 pm

Education/Instruction & Learning
“Implementation of a Cross-Content Area Vocabulary Intervention in an Urban Middle School,” Michelle Rimbey; Nov. 10, 5700 Posvar, 2:30 pm


ADRC Seed Monies Grant Program
Invited proposals due Oct. 28. (info: 412-692-2731)

Engineering Sustainability 2017
Abstracts due Oct. 28. (

Pitt Sustainability Awards
Submit nominations by March 10. (


Kimbo Art Gallery
“Study Abroad Photo Contest”; WPU 1st fl., through Oct. 28, 10 am-5 pm

Bradford Campus
“No Over Night Parking: A Field Guide,” Rebecca Weed; KOA Gallery Blaisdell, UPB, through Nov. 4; M-F 8:30 am-6 pm

Barco Library
“Sailing Through History,” Dennis O’Leary & James Morar; through Nov. 23, M-Th 8 am-10 pm, F 8 am-5 pm, Sat 10 am-6 pm, Sun noon-10 pm (412-648-1376)

Falk Library
“The Ultimate Service Pin: A History of Nursing,” Dawn McBride; display cases main fl., through Jan. 5; M-Th 7 am-mid., F 7 am-10 pm, Sat 9:30 am-10 pm & Sun 11 am-mid.


Bradford Campus
“Broadway’s Next H!t Musical”; Oct. 20, Bromeley Family Theatre, Blaisdell Hall,UPB, 7:30 pm

Bradford Campus
“Apparition: An Uneasy Play of the Underknown”; through Oct. 29, Studio Theatre, UPB (times & tickets:

Event Deadline

The next issue of the University Times will include University & on-campus events of Nov. 10-23. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 pm on Nov. 3. Send information to

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