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University of Pittsburgh
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October 27, 1994

Pitt's goals for the next five years

The following are Pitt's goals for the rest of the century, according to the "Toward the 21st Century" plan.


* An emphasis on excellence in undergraduate teaching.

* A renewed emphasis on graduate and professional education.

* A new emphasis on global studies.

* A continued emphasis on research.

* A strengthened infrastructure for learning.

* A national admissions strategy.

* An increased emphasis on enriching the University experience for all students.

* A more diverse student body, faculty, and staff through effective recruiting.

* A strong leadership role — locally, regionally and nationally.

* A comprehensive program of human resource development.

* To develop a communal sense of cost-consciousness that will be a prerequisite for excellence in this era of diminishing resources.


Strategy 6: Move toward becoming a better integrated system of five campuses.

Strategy 7: Promote improved policies and procedures relative to the personnel who transmit, discover, and apply knowledge.

Strategy 8: Improve the structure and processes of the University, reducing barriers to the achievement of the other goals, and ensuring the continued primacy of the academic mission.

Strategy 9: Maintain and further develop the physical infrastructure and campus environments that support academic achievement, remaining sensitive to the interests of surrounding communities.

Strategy 10: Construct a new image of the University of Pittsburgh through the concerted application of long-range planning strategies, thereby enhancing institutional reputation and voluntary support.

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