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November 23, 1994

How to access PittInfo

To access PittInfo, staff, faculty and students need access to either World Wide Web or the Internet Gopher client program. Access to these clients fall into two categories: LAN access and terminal access.

Individuals with a Windows, Macintosh or UNIX personal computer with an Ethernet connection to PittNet can use the LAN access method. Individuals without this type of connection must use the terminal access method.

To use LAN access, a user must install a client software program on his or her personal computer and access the PittInfo service directly. There are a number of client programs available for both Internet Gopher and World Wide Web, but Computing and Information Services (CIS) recommends the following:

* Macintosh — World Wide Web: Netscape beta 0.9 or later for Macintosh or Internet Gopher: TurboGopher 1.0 or later.

* MS-Windows — World Wide Web: Netscape beta 0.9 or later for Windows or Internet Gopher: HGopher 2.3 or later.

* X Windows System — World Wide Web: Netscape beta 0.9 or later for X or Internet Gopher: xgopher 1.3 or later.

Using a terminal access method, a user already capable of logging into CIS UNIX or VMS timesharing system does not need to install anything on their computers. Once logged into either VMS or UNIX service, a user must execute one of the following commands:

* UNIX — netscape, lynx or gopher.

* VMS — netscape, lynx or gopher.

The recommended software to access PittInfo is being distributed from several campus offices. It can be obtained by calling the computer consultant at 624-9356 or Office System Services at 624-2977.

Once connected to PittInfo, readers can make connections to other services throughout the Internet or World Wide Web. A reader can save or print any information in PittInfo.

Within existing policies governing the content of University documents and after training on publishing procedures, units may publish documents in PittInfo. Units interested in publishing in PittInfo should contact Amy Brenen at 624-5408, or by e-mail: Documents are currently published by sending the files to Brenen either electronically by e-mail or file sharing, or on a disk by campus mail. The current turnaround time for publishing documents is 24 hours.

The Networked Information Services Group (NISG) is in the process of developing a mechanism that will enable publishers to maintain their own documents with immediate turnaround. According to Bill Fithen, NISG manager, a prototype of the mechanism now is being tested and could be available by late December.

"Initially, it will be available on UNIX and Windows," Fithen said. "We haven't found the right set of tools to do it on the Macintosh yet, but we intend to make it available on all three platforms as a point and click function." CIS and the University Library System (ULS) are offering classes and help-sheets on how to use PittInfo.

In addition to classes publicized in the University Times and elsewhere, CIS and ULS can provide customized training on PittInfo and the Internet on site. Information on scheduling a specialized training class is available by calling 624-9330. For additional information about specific hardware and software configurations needed to connect to PittNet and access PittInfo or on how to use World Wide Web, Gopher or Lynx, contact a Computing and Information Services consultant at 624-9356.

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