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December 8, 1994

Severe weather policy draft completed, under review

A preliminary draft of a new severe weather policy for the University has been completed by the policy committee of the Department of Human Resources and could be released to the University community within the next two weeks.

The draft is being circulated for input from various committees, deans and administrators on the Pittsburgh campus, as well as at Pitt's four regional campuses in Johnstown, Greensburg, Bradford and Titusville.

"We're trying to get as much upfront comment as we can so that we'll have a comprehensive policy that can be issued to the University," said Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources Darlene Lewis.

Because the policy is still in draft form, Lewis declined to discuss its contents. She would say only that once all of the comments from administrators and the regionals have been reviewed, the draft will be revised and a new draft presented to the senior executive staff.

Once that revised draft has been reviewed by senior administrators and their input added, it will have to be approved by Chancellor J. Dennis O'Connor before it becomes official University policy.

"We plan to issue it as soon as humanly possible," Lewis said about release of the policy. "It will be out, hopefully, within the next two weeks." Once the severe weather policy is completed, copies will be circulated among the campus community. It also will be available on PittInfo under the University policies and procedures section.

–Mike Sajna

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