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January 5, 1995

WPIC opens residential home facility for psychiatric patients

Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic has for the first time opened a residential home for psychiatric patients who have recently been released from state mental institutions or inpatient psychiatric units.

The program, called Pathways, is housed in a dormitory setting in the east wing of the Vocational Rehabilitation Center at 1323 Forbes Ave. While residents come and go according to their own schedules, they participate in a variety of therapeutic programs and leisure activities.

Resident advisers assist with cooking, cleaning, personal banking and other day-to-day activities. A psychiatrist provides clinical treatment three times a week, and nurses are on site 24 hours a day for ongoing care and support. Families and visitors are welcome and are urged to play a role in residents' care.

Residents themselves are encouraged to work and volunteer with local service programs. They are permitted to stay with the program for as long as necessary, but the program is structured to prepare them to live more independently.

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