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January 8, 2004

Pitt salaries: How Arts and Sciences salaries stack up

Average full-time faculty salaries in the School of Arts and Sciences (A&S) ranged last year from $25,798 for instructors in the natural sciences division to $95,065 for full professors in the social sciences.

Average and median salaries for full-time employees in A&S and other Pitt units as of Oct. 31, 2002, appeared in a report by the University’s Office of Institutional Research.

The average salary among A&S’s 260 humanities division faculty members was $57,216. The median was $51,443.

The total included 71 professors ($90,853 average, $80,093 median), 76 associate professors ($55,956 average, $54,821 median), 39 assistant professors ($46,432 average, $45,721 median), 12 instructors ($27,136 average, $27,051 median) and 62 “other” instructors, lecturers, etc. whose primary job class is not a professional faculty rank ($32,844 average, $31,133 median).

Among the 243 faculty in the natural sciences division, the average salary was $68,576. The median was $62,000.

That included 87 professors ($94,386 average, $91,616 median), 62 associate professors ($62,384 average, $61,500 median), 54 assistant professors ($56,327 average, $56,171 median), nine instructors ($25,798 average, $22,904 median) and 31 in the “other” category ($42,279 average, $39,264 median).

In A&S’s social sciences division, 119 faculty earned an average salary of $71,618. The median was $68,532.

That included 49 professors ($95,065 average, $89,409 median), 36 associate professors ($61,358 average, $58,523 median), 19 assistant professors ($56,695 average, $51,057 median) and 15 “others” ($38,546 average, $34,669 median).

Seven faculty who report to the A&S dean’s office earned average and median salaries of $72,580 and $75,000, respectively.

The report did not break down A&S salaries below the division level. Salaries of faculty with 12-month contracts were converted to standard nine-month academic contracts.

“Salary” as defined by the report included all contract salaries paid by Pitt, including hard money salary funds, research grants awarded by the University, endowment monies and other sources.
—Bruce Steele                                                              



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