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January 8, 2003

Issues to consider in changing Internet providers

Following the bankruptcy restructuring of Stargate, heretofore the University’s exclusive Internet service provider (ISP), individuals may want to look into changing providers. For example, Earthlink/PeoplePC, which inherited Stargate’s dial-up service customers, supports only the Windows platform.

According to Jinx Walton, director of Computing Services and Systems Development, for individuals choosing to change Internet service providers the important issues to consider are:

• Is support available for your hardware and operating system?

• Are local access or toll-free numbers available for your area?

• If access during travel is required, does the ISP provide nationwide access?

• How is technical support handled? What are the hours of support, etc.?

• What options are available? (Additional e-mail accounts, personal web space, etc.)

• What will the services cost?

Before signing with a new ISP, it is important to specify if the customer will be using a VPN service.

E-xpedient will provide all customer support for Pitt’s VPN service. Those encountering difficulty connecting using the VPN client software should contact E-xpedient directly at 1-877/570-7827.

—Peter Hart

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