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April 13, 2017


envelopeGiving credit where it’s due

To the editor:

On March 30, the University Times published an article about the new program for faculty mental health wellness.

This was an excellent article, but it did not give adequate credit to the individuals who were crucial to initiating this program. The first is the author of that article itself, Marty Levine. Inspired by an article in August 2016 in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Mr. Levine asked if any program existed within Pitt to address faculty mental health needs. Linda Tashbook, who leads the mental wellness taskforce of the University Senate benefits and welfare committee, then led the effort to create such a program. She worked with Mr. Levine, Mr. Tom Koloc from Life Solutions, and John Kozar, assistant vice chancellor, University Benefits office, to make this program a reality.

Many thanks to Marty Levine, Linda Tashbook and John Kozar.

Sachin Velankar
University Senate
benefits and welfare committee
Faculty member
Department of
Chemical Engineering
Swanson School of Engineering

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