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June 8, 2017

Staff Matters

Total Rewards Questions Answered

Curious if you’re on track for a comfortable retirement? Uncertain about how to advance your professional development? Wondering if there is a Pitt discount available for a large purchase you’re considering? This column aims to answer your Pitt Human Resources questions.

In this column, the Office of Human Resources addresses the Total Rewards program and job analysis questionnaires. The following questions are among the most asked of the Total Rewards working group and advisory board.

What is the total rewards project?

The total rewards project is a study which involves the evaluation of base pay, benefits, professional development, work-life balance and recognition. As part of the project, both the benefits packages and Pitt’s compensation structure are being assessed to determine the University’s position within the market as it pertains to employee benefits and compensation. The study has been commissioned collectively by the Chancellor, senior leadership, and the Office of Human Resources (OHR).

What is the job analysis questionnaire?

It’s a comprehensive analysis of the jobs at the University. In order to conduct the analysis, OHR will ask staff members to answer a number of questions related to their work/job duties and responsibilities via a job analysis questionnaire. Some questions will require a written response; other questions will require a selection from a list of responses. The job analysis questionnaire will be conducted in the form of an online Qualtrics survey and it is anticipated that the questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

What does the jobs analysis phase entail? Why are jobs analyses occurring?

The jobs analysis phase is a key component of the University’s Total Rewards project and it requires participation from all levels of staff and administration at the University. The Office of Human Resources is asking all staff members to complete a job analysis questionnaire. The questionnaires will be reviewed, evaluated, and used to assess the types of jobs at the University and inform decisions regarding a new job structure for staff. The goal of the jobs analysis phase is to have thorough responses from as many staff members as possible so that the best possible results for a job structure that serves the University’s staff is developed.


Information regarding the projected timeline as well as answers to frequently asked questions (your employee login is required to view these) is available on the Total Rewards website. Employees who wish to participate in feedback opportunities can take part in focus groups and town hall meetings open to the University community; these will be conducted throughout the study. Additional Total Rewards questions can be emailed to the Total Rewards team at

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