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June 8, 1995

Staff, faculty members nominated to chancellor search committee

The University Senate and Staff Association Council (SAC) have nominated their representatives for the search committee seeking a permanent replacement for Chancellor J. Dennis O'Connor.

The full membership of the committee will be announced at the June 22 Board of Trustees meeting. The committee is expected to include about two dozen trustees, faculty, staff , students and alumni.

The board will make the final call on who is to serve on the committee, which will be chaired by trustee James Roddey, managing general partner of Allegheny Media.

But University Senate President James Holland said the trustees have told him that the Senate will have seven representatives on the search committee, with the possibility of an additional two or three faculty members appointed by the board for racial, gender or other balance. SAC President Darlene Harris said the board has told the staff group that it will have one representative on the committee.

Senate members, nominated by faculty vote, are: Faculty of Arts and Sciences representatives Herbert Chesler, economics, and Christina Paulston, linguistics; professional schools representatives James Cunningham, social work, and Carrie Leana, Katz Graduate School of Business; health sciences representatives Gordon Macleod, Graduate School of Public Health, and Nina Schor, medicine; and regional campuses representative Denis Robitaille, of the Johnstown campus.

SAC nominees, named by the council's officers, are: Harris, of the University Center for Instructional Resources; Andrea Loughner, of the Parking office; and Joanne Rosol, of External Studies.

— Bruce Steele

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