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June 22, 2017

Tell Us What’s New at Pitt

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Campus has quieted down and traffic has eased up, but the fall term will soon be here. University Times is looking ahead to the new academic year and we’d like to know:
What’s new at Pitt?

We’re asking deans, directors and department heads to share with us the highlights in what’s new or coming soon with people, places or things at your school, department or responsibility center.

Among the items we’d like to include in a fall feature are:

  • New people – Including new department chairs, administrators, staffers or new faculty members. Please include a brief outline of the person’s title and department, area of expertise, where he/she has come from and a sentence about his or her responsibility. Please provide a link to the school, department, or center website where more biographical information about the person can be read. If a photo is available, please feel free to forward it electronically for consideration. (High-resolution jpg files work best.)
  • New places – Is construction starting, or is it newly completed? Do you have new labs, equipment, facilities or a whole new address? Did your area move or undergo remodeling? Share with us the short details on the project, along with the time frame. Again, please include a link if additional coverage is available for readers. If photos are available, email them and we’ll be happy to consider them.
  • New things — Are there new academic programs (including majors, minors, certificates, tracks, courses or articulation agreements)? Was new research funding received or projects commenced? New or updated web sites, equipment upgrades, or anything else? Are any new events coming up early in the fall term? When and where?

If there’s anything else that’s new in your area that doesn’t fit the above categories, please tell us about it. Information will be edited for style, length and content relevancy.

How to Share What’s New

Please include only items that are news as of April 1, 2017. In order to compile information from around the University in time for the new term, all content should be received by August 10. Be concise and focused in your news and share links to your website or online resources where applicable. Submissions should be reviewed by deans, directors and department heads prior to sending to University Times.

All highlights should be emailed to


Ellie Graves,, 412-624-4360

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