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July 13, 2017

Partners Sought to Share in Operations in Titusville, Closing Campus “Undesirable Option”

Public participation at a town hall and written feedback received in response to a draft plan created to explore options for setting forth a financially sustainable future for the University’s campus in Titusville played an important part in the development of a report which identified the options the University plans to study in greater detail.

At the June 30 Board of Trustees meeting, Chancellor Patrick Gallagher said the report was created in an “open and participatory fashion” with the help of an advisory group, faculty and community members in Titusville. He said 150 people attended a town hall meeting and 125 sent in feedback.

Gallagher said after reviewing that input, the board has decided to first try to pursue possibilities described in the fourth and fifth options in the report, which both involve creating partnerships with other entities to share in operating the campus and offering programs that support the educational needs of the community located 100 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

He said another option to close the campus cannot be taken completely off the table because the current operation is not financially sustainable. However, he said the board finds that to be “an undesirable option.”

“We will seek to work with partners to fully utilize the campus in Titusville,” Gallagher said. “We think this is an exciting possibility to have a sustainable and viable business model that supports that community, is true to the University’s mission and is financially viable.”

Additional information about the Titusville report can be found at the Office of the Provost’s website.

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