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University of Pittsburgh
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July 6, 1995

Contributions to Pitt are up 8.3%, Weber reports

Total gifts to Pitt (ex-cluding sponsored re-search) were $30.3 million for July 1, 1994, through May 31, 1995, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement Lawrence Weber reported to the trustees June 22.

That's an 8.36 percent increase over the amount donated to the University during the same 11-month period the year before.

Nationally, donations to educational institutions in 1994 increased by 8.5 percent, according to the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel's Trust for Philanthropy.

Of Pitt's $30.3 million total, the University received $5.44 million from its Annual Giving Fund (down $15,438 from last year's AGF total) and $22.55 million in non-AGF money (a 10.4 percent increase).

Weber said that Pitt's $30.3 million in total gifts came from the following sources:

* Foundations — $10.9 million, accounting for 36.05 percent of the total and down 10.9 percent from last year.

* Alumni — $6.26 million, 20.65 percent of the total and a 6.3 percent increase over last year.

* Corporations — $4.5 million, 14.84 percent of the total and a 9.94 percent increase.

* Non-alumni individual gifts — $3.25 million, 10.7 percent of the total and a 76.68 percent increase.

* Trustees — $120,780, 0.4 percent of the total and a 6.89 percent increase.

* Donations from other sources totaled $5.26 million, 17.36 percent of the total and a 39.19 percent increase.

— Bruce Steele

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