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December 5, 1996



Medical Ethics Lecture

"Religious Belief as Ethical Distraction and Decoy in Medical Treatment Disputes,"

Lawrence Nelson, Santa Clara U.;

Scaife Aud. 5, noon-1 pm

Alzheimer Lecture

"Exploring New Environments for Dementia Patients and Their Families: Introducing PlumWood,"

Beth Deely and Patricia Fabian, Presbyterian SeniorCare;

ADRC conf. rm. Montefiore, noon-1 pm (692-2700)

Oracle Information Session

For administrators and technical support persons responsible for budget and financial data;

420 Benedum, 12:30-1:30 pm (To register: 624-6580)

Chemistry Lecture

"Laser Spectroscopy in Crystals and Glasses, One Molecule at a Time,"

J. Skinner, U. of Wisc.; C

hevron Ashe Aud., 2:30 pm

Biostatistics Seminar

"Testing the Goodness-of-Fit of Item Response Theory Models,"

Clement Stone, nursing;

A-115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm (624-3023)

Chemistry Lecture

"Boron Heterocycles: New Ligands for Early Transition Metals,"

Guillermo Bazan, U. of Rochester;

Chevron Ashe Aud., 4 pm


W. PA Intergenerational Conference

Addressing social problems affecting both young and old;

keynote speakers Monsignor Charles Fahey, charter member and former chair of Federal Council on Aging and administrator at Fordham's Third Age Center, and K. Leroy Irvis, retired speaker of PA House of Representatives;

University Club, 123 University Place, 8 am-4:30 pm (648-7150)

Pgh. Schizophrenia Conference

"Latest Developments in the Etiology and Treatment of Schizophrenia";

Sheraton Station Square, 8 am-5 pm (To register: 647-8219)

Pharmacology Seminar

"TGF and EGF Receptors in Head and Neck Cancer,"

Jennifer Grandis, otolaryngology;

1395 BST, noon (648-9400)

Senate BPC Meeting

WPU Dining Rm. B, noon-2 pm

Philosophy of Science Lecture

"An Introduction to the Problem of Time in Quantum Gravity,"

Steve Weinstein, Northwestern;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

Anthropology Colloquium

"Social, Cultural and Health Concerns With Hydroelectric Dam Construction: Examples from El Cajon, Honduras and Salto Grande, Argentina/Uruguay,"

Thomas Schorr, GSPH;

3D10 FQ, 3 pm


Survival Skills Workshop

"Oral Presentations,"

Arthur Galston, Yale;

WPIC 2nd fl. aud., 9 am-4 pm (To register: 624-7098)

Alumni Assn. Children's Holiday Party

Commons Rm. CL, 1-3 pm (To register: 624-8229)

Men's Glee Club/Women's Chorale Concert

FFA Aud., 3 pm (624-4125)


Nationality Rooms Holiday Open House

Nationality classrooms & Commons Rm., noon-4 pm (624-6000)

Organ Recital

Organist Robert Sutherland Lord;

Heinz Chapel, 3 pm (624-4125)


Johnstown Campus Production

"The Swiss Family Robinson";

Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, 9:30 am and 11:30 am (800-846-2787)

Senate Council Meeting

2P56 FQ, 3 pm

REES/PCIV Presentation/Reception

"Government and Judicial Relations in Ukraine Today,"

welcoming visiting scholars from Donetsk, Ukraine;

WPU Dining Rm. A, 4-6 pm

Jewish Studies Lecture

"Sigmund Freud, Hans Blüher and Anti-Semitism in the Weimar Republic,"

John Neubauer, U. of Amsterdam;

WPU Kurtzman Rm., 7:30 pm (624-3007)


Organization Development Workshop

"Balancing Work and Family";

100 Craig, 9-10:30 am (To register: 624-8046)

Intercultural Bag Lunch

Suite 500 Medical Arts Bldg., noon (383-1813)

Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Do We Need an Ontology? If so, Which One?"

Lorenz Puntel, U. of Munich; 817R CL, 12:05 pm


Organization Development Workshop

"University's Expectations of Supervisors";

100 Craig, 10 am-4 pm (To register: 624-8046)


Alzheimer's Conference

"For Alzheimer's Caregivers: Helpful Hints for the Holidays and Throughout the Year";

Canterbury Place, 310 Fisk St., 9 am-12:30 pm (622-9248)

Molecular Genetics/Biochemistry Seminar

"Factors That Alter Chromatin Structure and Facilitate Transcription Factor Function,"

Anthony Imbalzano, U. of Mass. Med. Ctr.;

1295 BST, 3:30 pm (648-9570)


Pharmacology Seminar

"Drugs in a Cage: Light Will Set My Phosphoramide Mustards Free,"

Brigitte Schmidt, CMU;

1395 BST, noon (648-9400)


*Fall term ends Monday

Biological Sciences Seminar

"Genetic and Developmental Analysis of the Drosophila Visual System,"

Ulrike Gaul, Rockefeller U.;

169 Crawford, 4 pm

Pgh. Chamber Music Society Concert

The New Millennium Ensemble with mezzo-soprano Mimi Lerner;

Carnegie Hall, 8 pm (624-4129)


*Fall term grade rosters due

Pathology Seminar

"Antigen Selection in the Development of Salivary Gland MALT Type Lymphomas,"

David Bahler; 618 Scaife, 4 pm


Pharmacology Seminar

"Stress Genes and Cellular Defense,"

Bruce Pitt; 1395 BST, noon (648-9400)


*Winter recess for faculty and staff, University closed through Jan. 1 January Thursday

*All University offices and buildings reopen


*Spring term begins


Faculty Assembly Meeting

1K56 FQ, 3 pm

Ph.D. Defense


"Gene Delivery and Skeletal Muscle: Barriers to High-Efficiency Systemic Gene Transfer,"

W. Gregory Feero, human genetics;

Dec. 9, 1295 BST, 4 pm


"Mammography Utilization and Late Stage Breast Cancer in Rural Pennsylvania: A Case-control Study,"

Ying Wu, epidemiology;

Dec. 9, A523 GSPH, 4 pm


"From Carnival to Nostalgia: The Play of Cultural Literacy in the Nineteenth-Century Parlor,"

Melanie Dawson, English;

Dec. 10, 526 CL, 11 am-1 pm


"The Use and Function of Rhetoric in Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound,"

Constance Carroll, classics;

Dec. 11, G-20A Hillman, 3 pm


"Six Years of Multicultural Education Unmasked: A Study of Discursive Strategies and Institutional Practices,"

Jeff Galin, English;

Dec. 12, 526 CL, 10 am-noon


"Perishable Industries From the Basin, South-Central New Mexico,"

David Hyland, anthropology;

Dec. 13, 3H57 FQ, 10 am



Ludmila Slavova, German languages/literatures;

Dec. 13, 1401 CL, 10 am


"The Role of Self-Explanation in Adapting as Well as Transferring a Solution Procedure,"

Robert Ryan, psychology;

Dec. 13, 814 LRDC, 10 am


"Christoph Heins 'chronikalische Aufzeich-nungen; als Geschichten zur Geschichte,"

Maria Krol, German languages/literatures;

Dec. 13, 1401 CL, 11 am


"The Influence of Literary Warrant on the Acceptance and Credibility of the Functional Requirements for Record-keeping,"

Wendy Duff, library/information science;

Dec. 17, 503 SLIS, 1-3 pm


"The Recruitment, Education and Careers of Academic Business Librarians,"

Mark Winston, library/information science;

Dec. 18, 501C SLIS, 9-11 am


PrintMakers '96 Exhibition

Contemporary Original American Prints;

FFA Gallery, through Dec. 12, Tues.-Sat. 10 am-4 pm, Sun. 2-5 pm. (648-2400)

Alliance College Polish Collection Exhibition

363 Hillman, Mon.-Fri. 9 am-5 pm through Dec. 20.


Theatre Arts Production

"The Water Engine";

Studio Theatre, Dec. 5-7 at 8 pm; Dec. 7 at 2 pm (624-0933)


Central Research Development Fund

Small Grants Proposals due by 4 pm Jan. 17 to 350 Thackeray.

East Asian Fellowship

Applications due by Jan. 31 to 4E05 FQ. (648-7367) Samsung Korean Research Grants Applications due by Jan. 31 to 4E05 FQ. (648-7371)

Calendar Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published Thursday, Jan. 9. It will contain events of Jan. 9-23. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 p.m. Jan. 2 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information will not be accepted over the phone but can be sent by FAX: 624-4579 or e-mail to For additional information about calendar deadlines, call 624-1376.

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