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January 9, 1997



Russian and East European Studies Lecture

"Ethnic Identity of Jews in Cracow, 1918-1939,"

Sean Martin, Ohio State; 2428 CL, 12:15 pm (648-7407)

National Parkinson Foundation Lecture

"Transplantation Procedures in Parkinson's Disease,"

Steven Dunnett;

224 Clapp, 4 pm

Pitt-Johnstown Financial Aid Workshop

Sponsored by the Johnstown campus Financial Aid office;

UPJ Living/Learning Center, 7-8:30 pm (814-269-2083)


Pharmacology Seminar

"Subnuclear Trafficking of Steroid Receptors,"

Donald DeFranco, biological sciences;

1395 BST, noon (648-9400)

Economics Lecture

"A Bayesian Approach to Dynamic Macroeconomics,"

M. Beth Fisher-Ingram, U. of Iowa;

4P58 FQ, 3:30-5 pm


Survival Skills Workshop

"Teaching: A Brief Introduction";

WPIC 2nd fl. aud., 9 am-4 pm (To register: 624-7098)

Marathon Training Seminar

"Training for a Personal Record,"

Cheryl Colline;

Scaife lecture rm. 1, 10 am (624-2607)


UPMC Winter Blood Drive

UPMC Conference Ctr., 1104 Scaife; 6:30 am-5:30 pm (To schedule preferred time: 647-3785)

Senate Council Meeting

2P56 FQ, 3 pm

Cell Biology and Physiology Seminar

"In Vitro and In Vivo Studies on the Tissue and Cell Type Specific Regulation of the Human PDGFRaGene,"

Gijs B. Afink, Uppsala U., Sweden;

EEI 5th fl. board room, 4-5 pm (648-9376)


History of Art and Architecture Colloquium

"The Arts of Reform and Persuasion,"

Sarah Nichols, Carnegie Museum of Art;

203 FFA, noon

History Lecture

"NAFTA and Organized Labor's Attempt to Respond Cross-Nationally,"

Barry Carr, La Trobe U.;

3P11 FQ, noon

Intercultural Bag Lunch

Suite 500 Medical Arts Bldg., noon (383-1813)

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Talk

"On the Plethora of Modal Dynamics,"

Laura Ruetsche; 817R CL, 12:05 pm

Biostatistics Seminar

"Statistical Methods for Quality-of-Life-Adjusted Survival Analysis,"

Bernard F. Cole, Brown;

A-115 GSPH, 3:30 p.m. (624-3023)


UPMC Winter Blood Drive

404A-B WPIC, 9 am-2:45 pm (To schedule preferred time: 647-3785)

Linguistics Colloquium

"Working Memory Limitations on Sentence Comprehension: Locality of Syntactic Dependencies,"

Edward Gibson, MIT; 144 CL, 3 pm (624-5900)

Research Commercialization Open Meeting

"Commercialization of Research Through Start-Up Companies: New University Policies and Procedures";

Scaife lecture rm., 3-5 pm (648-2206)

Skin Cancer Screening

Falk Clinic, 4:30-5:30 pm (648-3250)

BAS Lecture

In honor of Martin Luther King's birthday, Bev Smith, Pgh.'s first consumer affairs reporter;

WPU Assembly Rm., 8 pm (624-9101)


Ethics Grand Rounds

"Licensing Infertility Treatment Centers & Human Embryo Research: British Strategies Versus the American Status Quo,"

Gladys White, National Advisory Board on Ethics in Reproduction;

Scaife lecture rm. 1, noon-1 pm

Russian and East European Studies Lecture

"The Resurgence of the Left in Central Europe,"

Sharon Wolchik, George Washington U.;

4E51 CL, noon (648-7407)

Ethics Grand Rounds

"Infertility Diagnosis and Treatment: Has Technology Gone Too Far?"

Gladys White, National Advisory Board on Ethics in Reproduction;

G-18, law school, 3-4:30 pm (647-5700)


Pharmacology Seminar

"Turning Off the Mind: Where Is the Switch? A Quest for the Mechanisms of General Anesthesia,"

Yan Xu, anesthesiology; 1395 BST, noon (648-9400)

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Talk

"Ich Bin Ein 'Realist': James's Attempts to Placate Realism,"

Richard Gale; 817R CL, 12:05 pm


* *University closed in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday


Executive Education Seminar

"Innovative Compensation and Reward Program";

244 CL, Jan. 21&22, 9 am-4:30 pm (To register: 648-1600)

Organization Development Workshop

"Supervisory Skills: Core Skills";

100 Craig, 9 am-5 pm (To register: 624-8036)

History of Art and Architecture Colloquium

"Trinity Church, Wall Street: Pioneer Skyscraper for New York,"

Judith Hull; independent scholar;

204 FFA Bldg, noon

CLAS Screening

"Fire in the Andes" and "The Magnum Eye: A Peruvian Equation";

4E51 FQ, noon

Ctr. for Philosophy of Science Talk

"Nonseparability and Quantum Chaos,"

Frederick Kronz, U. of Texas at Austin;

817R CL, 12:05 pm


Organization Development Workshop

"Diversity Initiatives at the University";

WPU Kurtzman Rm., 9 am-noon (To register: 624-8036)

Intercultural Bag Lunch

Suite 500 Medical Arts Bldg., noon (383-1813)

Cell Biology and Physiology Seminar

"Development of Herpes Simplex Virus Vectors for Human Gene Therapy,"

Joseph Glorioso III, molecular genetics and biochemistry;

EEI 5th fl. board room, 4-5 pm (648-9376)

Health Management/Policy Lecture

"Assessing Performance in Integrated Health Care,"

Karen Morgan Erickson, KPMG Peat Marwick's National Health Care Strategy Practice;

GSPH Aud., 4:30 pm


UPMC Winter Blood Drive

Nese-Barkan Bldg., classrooms B and C; 9 am-2:45 pm (To schedule preferred time: 647-3785)

Architecture Lecture

"Revisiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum in the Light of Contemporary Art,"

Neil Levine, Harvard;

125 FFA, 4 p.m.

Pgh. Tissue Engineering Initiative Seminar

"Tissue Engineering and the Cardiovascular System,"

Robert Nerem, Georgia Inst. of Tech.;

2nd fl. Aud., Mellon Inst. CMU, 4 pm (383-9703)

Ph.D. Defense


"An Investigation of the Information Seeking Behavior of Nurses in Botswana,"

Baluwami Grand, library/information science;

Jan. 22, 503 SIS, 1-3 pm


Central Research Development Fund

Small Grant Proposals due by 4 pm Jan. 17 to 350 Thackeray.

Competitive Medical Research Fund

Grant Applications due by 2 pm Feb. 14 to Office of Research, Health Sciences. (692-4671)

REES Faculty Development Grant

Applications due by Feb. 17 to 4G15 FQ. (648-2290)

Calendar Deadline

The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published Thursday, Jan. 23. It will contain events of Jan. 23-Feb. 6. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 p.m. Jan. 16 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information will not be accepted over the phone but can be sent by FAX: 624-4579 or e-mail to For additional information about calendar deadlines, call 624-1376.

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