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March 20, 1997



CIS Workshop

"Library Resources on the World Wide Web";

1E01 FQ #2, 10-11 am

CIS Workshop

"Netscape Advanced Topics";

1E01 FQ #2 11 am-noon

History Lecture

"Regionalism and the Evolution of the Soviet Union,"

James Harris, U. of Chicago;

3P11 FQ, noon

Alzheimer Lecture

"PET Studies of Neurotransmitter Functions in Alzheimer's Disease,"

Gwen Smith, psychiatry/radiology;

ADRC conf. rm. Montefiore, noon-1 pm (692-2700)

CIS Workshop

"Upgrade From Windows 3.1x to Windows 95";

402 Bellefield, 1-2 pm (To register: 624-0830)

Biostatistics Preview of Student Papers

A-115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Society for Neuroscience Town Meeting,

"Brain Awareness Week" "New Advances in Parkinson's Disease Research,"

Michael Zigmond, Ctr. for Parkinson's Disease;

"Surgical Restoration of Normal Brain Function," Dade Lunsford, neurological surgery;

"Alzheimer's Disease: Causes and Treatment," Stephen DeKosky, Alzheimer's Disease Research Ctr.;

"Brain Rhythms," Robert Moore, neurology; DL, 7-9 pm (624-6995)

Jewish Studies Lecture

"The Bible as Myth and as History,"

Marc Brettler, Brandeis;

2K56 FQ, 8 pm


Friends of FFA Lecture

"The Legacy of James D. Van Trump,"

M. Henderson Floyd, Tufts; F. Schulze, Lake Forest, and D. DeLong, Penn;

FFA Aud., 9 am-12:30 pm

Asian Studies Lecture

"Japanese Business Novels: An Overview,"

Tamae Prindle, Colby Coll.; 5K51 FQ, 10-10:50 am

Pharmacology Seminar

"Understanding the Translocation Mechanism in De Novo and Treatment-Related 11q23 Leukemia in Children,"

Corlyn Felix, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia;

1395 BST, noon (648-9400)

Pitt/CMU Applied Micro Economics Seminar

"Advertising, Learning & Consumer Choice in Experience Good Markets: An Empirical Examination,"

Daniel Ackerberg, BU;

4P58 FQ, 12:30-2 pm

Economics Book/Pizza Party

4S56 FQ, 1-3 pm

Cultural Studies Lecture

"Science, Objectivity and Cultural Studies,"

Stanley Aronowitz and Alan Sokal;

120 DL, 2:30 pm

History & Philosophy of Science Lecture

"How Empirical Was Medieval Science?"

David Lindberg, U. of Wisc.; 817R CL, 3:30 pm (624-1052)

Music Colloquium

"What Are the 'Drums' Saying About Gender, Bwana?: Constructing History, Identity and Authority in Black Popular Performance,"

Kyra Gaunt, U. of VA;

132 Music Bldg., 4 pm (624-4126)

Medieval/Renaissance Studies Lecture

"Symbolic Cartography in a Medieval Parish: From the Spatialized Body to the Painted Church of St. Aignan-Sur-Cher,"

Marcia Kupfer, U. of Memphis;

202 FFA, 4:30 pm

UPMC Seminar

"Fine Tuning,"

Robert Zoeller, human energy research;

Leslie Bonci, nutrition;

David Jenkinson, and David Pezzullo, athletic trainer;

10th fl. aud., 2 Mellon Bank Ctr. Downtown, 6:30 pm (647-RUNN)

Indian Classical Music Concert

Kala Ramnath, violin, and Ramdas Palsule, tabla;

FFA Aud., 7:30 pm (648-8582)


School of Nursing Open House

Victoria Hall, 10 am-1 pm (624-4586)

Medieval/Renaissance Studies Reading

"Ovid's 'Metamorphoses'";

12th fl. suite Bruce, 7 pm-midnight (To register: 624-6264)

Johnstown Campus Performance

"The Original Liberty Jazz Band";

Pasquerilla Performing Arts Ctr., UPJ, 8 pm (814-269-7200)


Guitar Solo and Ensemble Concert

FFA Aud., 2 pm (624-4125)


Clinical Pharmacology Seminar

"Neutropenia in Neurology,"

Michael Giuliani, neurology; 1103 Scaife, noon-1 pm

Pitt-Flex Open Enrollment Workshop

"Healthy Lifestyles: Helpful Hints and How Your Benefit Plan Can Provide Services to You";

WPU, noon-1 pm

Nursing Lecture

"Problem Solving in Everyday Tasks,"

Sherry Willis, PSU;

129 Victoria, noon-1:30 pm

Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Typing

1st fl. lobby, Victoria, noon-5:45 pm (To register: 456-1980)

Music Colloquium

"The Beatles in the Studio," Glenn Gass, Indiana U.;

132 Music Bldg., 4 pm (624-4126)

Biological Sciences Seminar

"Genetic and Developmental Analysis of the Drosophila Visual System,"

Ulrike Gaul, Rockefeller U.;

169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

Music on the Edge Concert

"New Works for Clarinet and Computer,"

David Keberle; FFA Aud., 8 pm (624-4125)


Intercultural Bag Lunch

Med. Arts Bldg. Suite 500, noon (383-1813)

CIS Workshop

"Windows 3.1x File Manager";

1E01 FQ #2, noon-1 pm

Philosophy of Science Lecture

"From Bumper to Body-Armor: Aristotle Re-Discovered,"

Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent, U. of Paris;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

CIS Workshop

"Getting Started With PowerPoint 4.0 Slide Shows & Transparencies";

1E01 FQ #2, 1-2 pm

CIS Workshop

"PowerPoint 4.0 Formatting Text and Slides";

1E01 FQ #2, 2-3 pm

Johnstown Campus Teleconference

"Rural Education and the Information Highway: Making Connections, Building Community";

Living/Learning Ctr., UPJ, 2-3:30 pm (To register: 814-269-2099)

Chemistry Colloquium

"Organometallic Chemistry Relating to Metal-Metal Bond Formation, Carbon-Sulfur Bond Activation, and Self-closing Redox Switches,"

Dwight Sweigart, Brown;

Chevron Ashe Aud., 4 pm


Organization Development Workshop

"Models of Individual & Team Performance";

100 Craig, 9 am-2 pm (To register: 624-8046)

CIS Workshop

"Creating a Newsletter in WordPerfect 6.1";

1E01 FQ #2, 9-10 am

CIS Workshop

"Customizing Home Pages With Color and Lists";

1E01 FQ #2, 10-11 am

CIS Workshop

"Adding Pictures and Icons to Home Pages";

1E01 FQ #2, 11 am-noon

Organization Development Lecture

"Preparing for Adolescence: The Second Toddlerhood?"

Greg Wittig, Falk School;

WPU Dining Rm. B, noon-1 pm (To register: 624-8046)

Pitt-Flex Open Enrollment Workshop

"Vision and Dental Plan Options: What Are They and How Do They Work?";

WPU, noon-1 pm

Women's Studies Lecture "Beating the Odds: New Legal Strategies to Deter Domestic Violence,"

Patricia Barnes, legal writer & attorney;

2629 CL, noon

Asian Studies Lecture

"Creating Chinese Ethnicity: The Case of the Manchus or From a Hereditary Military Caste to a National Minority,"

Edward Rhoads, history; 4E51 FQ, 2:30 pm

Pathology Seminar

"Review Role of T Cells in Skin Disease," Brian Nickoloff, Loyola; 618 Scaife, 4 pm

Cell Biology/Physiology Seminar

"Cell Biology of Insulin Action on Glucose Transport,"

Samuel Cushman, NIH;

Eye & Ear Inst. 5th fl. board rm., 4-5 pm

Health Management & Policy Lecture "Ethics in Integrated Health Care,"

Peter French, U. of S. Florida;

GSPH Aud., 4:30 pm

Provost Inaugural Lecture

"Now It's Organic; Now It's Not: Fluorous Strategies for the Synthesis of Small Organic Molecules,"

Dennis Curran, chemistry;

FFA Aud., 4:30 pm


Organization Development Workshop

"Supervisory Skills: Core Skills";

100 Craig, 9 am-5 pm (To register: 624-8046)

CIS Workshop

"Adding Tables to Home Pages";

1E01 FQ #2, 9-10 am

CIS Workshop

"Indent and Style Formatting in Microsoft Work 6.0";

1E01 FQ #2, 10-11 am

Wellness Fair

WPU Assembly/Kurtzman Rm., 10 am-2 pm (648-8251)

CIS Workshop

"Field Codes in Microsoft Word 6.0";

1E01 FQ #2, 11 am-noon

Me@@ining a 'Normal' Life: Patients' Experience After Liver Transplantation,"

Kata Chillag, anthropology;

lecture rm. 1 Scaife, noon-1 pm

REES Lecture

"Health Care in Russia: Traditional and New Perspectives,"

Sergel Belenky, medicine;

4E51 FQ, noon

Chemistry Colloquium

"Asymmetric Synthesis on Earth and on Mars,"

Bill Wulff, U. of Chicago;

Chevron Ashe Aud., 2:30 pm

Asian Studies Lecture

"Japan: Contemporary Theatres and the Force of History,"

Brian Powell, Oxford; 144 CL, 3-4 pm

Chemistry Colloquium

"Ultrafast Spectroscopic Studies of Energy Redistribution and Charge Separation in Photosystem II,"

Roseanne Sension, U. of Mich.;

Chevron Ashe Aud., 4 pm

C.F. Reynolds Medical History Society Lecture

"Technology and the Making of Modern Medicine,"

Joel Howell, U. of Mich.;

lecture rm. 5 Scaife, 6 pm


Pharmacology Seminar

"Urine BLP as a Biomarker of Genetic Risk for COPD,"

Samuel Aguayo, Emory U.;

1395 BST, noon (648-9400)

Philosophy of Science Lecture

"Galileo's Machines, His Mathematics and His Experiment,"

Peter Machamer; 817R CL, 12:05 pm

Anthropology Seminar

"Postcolonial Politics and Discourses of Democracy in Southern Africa,"

John Comaroff, U. of Chicago;

3D10 FQ, 3 pm


REES Lecture

"NATO and Romanian Politics and Business,"

Mircea Dan Geona, ambassador of Romania;

WPU Dining Rm. A, 3:30 pm (648-7407)

Music Colloquium

"Of Selves and Other: Recurring Issues of Identity and Ethnicity in Twentieth-Century Mexican Music,"

Leonora Saavedra; 123 Music;

4 pm

Biological Sciences Seminar

"The Unusual Genome of Borrelia Burgdorferi, the Lyme Disease Spirochete: A Plethora of Linear and Circular Replicons,"

Sherwood Casjens, U. of Utah;

169 Crawford, 4:15 pm

Jewish Studies Lecture

"Coming to Terms With 'Jewish' in the American-Jewish Writer,"

Rebecca Goldstein, Columbia;

2P56 FQ, 8 pm April

Tuesday KGSB Ctr. for Executive Education Seminar

"Purchasing Techniques for Buyers";

and Apr. 2, 208 CL 8:30 am-5 pm (To register: 648-1600)

HA&A Colloquium

"Pun Intended: David Gilmour Blythe's 'Prospecting' and Ideology of Progress in American 19th-Century Landscape,"

Medha Patel; and "The Chinzo of Myoe and Shonin: A Tapestry of Dreams and Reality,"

Susan Zitterbart;

203 FFA, noon

Anthropology Colloquium

"The Barbary Macaques of Gibraltar: A Model for Primate Conversation Genetics,"

Robert Martin, U. of Zurich; 3D10 FQ, 3 pm

Faculty Assembly Meeting

2P56 FQ, 3 pm


Inst. for International Studies in Education Seminar

"The Politics of Educational Policy Research in South Africa,"

Linda Chisholm, U. of Witwatersrand;

5P22 FQ, 11:30 am-1 pm (648-1202)

Intercultural Bag Lunch

Med. Arts Bldg. Suite 500, noon (383-1813)

Organization Development Lecture

"Living With Teenagers: Joys and Challenges,"

Martha Mattingly, social work;

WPU Dining Rm. B, noon-1 pm (To register: 624-8046)

Pathology Seminar

"Genetic and Clinical Analysis of a Chromosome 8 Tumor Suppressor Gene in Epithelial Tumors,"

Carol Westbrook, U. of Ill.;

618 Scaife, 4 pm

Ctr. for Biomedical Information Lecture

"Providing Infrastructure for Telehealth Systems,"

Paul Chang, radiology informatics;

G-100 CHP, 4-5:30 pm

Cell Biology/Physiology Seminar

"Targetting of cAMP-mediated Signaling,"

Charles Rubin, Albert Einstein Coll.;

Eye & Ear Inst. 5th fl. board rm., 4-5 pm

Health Management & Policy Lecture

"The Next Stage in Integrated Health Care: Community Health Care Management Systems,"

Stephen Shortell, Northwestern;

GSPH, 4:30 pm

Pitt/CMU Joint Japanese Science & Technology Management Seminar

"Nations as Customers: Trade & Legal Issues Facing the US and Japan,"

Marjory Searing, US Dept. of Commerce, and Dennis Unkovic, Meyer, Unkovic and Scott;

GSIA rm. 151, CMU, 6:30-8 pm (To register: 433-5021)


Francis Clifford Phillips Chemistry Lecture

"Pinacol-Terminated Cationic Cyclizations: Scope and Total Synthesis Applications,"

Larry Overman, U. of CA;

Chevron Ashe Aud., 3 pm

HA&A Lecture

"Sex, Lies and Gynecology," Laurinda Dixon, Syracuse;

202 FFA, 4 pm

Ph.D. Defense


"The Alchemy of Identity: Pharmacy and the Chemical Revolution, 1777-1809,"

Jonathan Simon, history & philosophy of science;

Mar. 24, G28 CL, 11 am


"A New Historical View of the Independent Female Portrait in 15th-Century Florentine Painting,"

Jennifer Craven, HA&A;

Mar. 25, 104 FFA, 4:30 pm


"BIRD: Browsing Interface for Retrival of Documents,"

Hanhwe Kim, information science and telecommunications;

Mar. 31, 501C, IS Bldg., 10 am-noon


"Local Circuits and Columnar Organization in the Somatosensory Cortex,"

Joshua Brumberg;

Mar. 31, 1495 BST, noon


HA&A Exhibit

"Nature as Muse: The Watercolors of Patricia Tobacco Forrester";

through Mar. 30, University Art Gallery, FFA, Tues. 10 am-4 pm, Wed.-Fri. 10 am-6 pm, Sat.-Sun. 1-5 pm (648-2406)


Kuntu Repertory Theatre Production

"Miss Dessa," directed by Eileen Morris;

Mar. 20-Apr. 5, Masonic Temple Aud., Thur.-Sat. 8 pm, Sun. 4 pm (624-7298)

Theatre Arts Production

"Rossum's Universal Robots,"

directed by Gwen Orel; Mar. 26-Apr. 5, Studio Theatre (624-7529)


Ambassadors Scholarship Dinner With General H. Norman Schwarzkopf

Reservations due by Apr. 7 at 624-5800.

Commencement Staff with degrees who want to join the commencement procession should contact Special Events, 624-7100, by April 11.

Children's Mini-Marathon

Registration Entry forms available in the Post Gazette, register by Apr. 18. (624-2607)

Calendar Deadline The next issue of the University Times calendar will be published Thursday, April 3. It will contain events of April 3-17. Information for events during that period must be received by 5 p.m. Mar. 27 at 308 Bellefield Hall. Information will not be accepted over the phone but can be sent by FAX: 624-4579 or e-mail to For additional information about calendar deadlines, call 624-1376.

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