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May 27, 2004

Regional pay Ranks Near Bottom

Among the 17 Association of American Universities (AAU) public university branch campuses that focus on baccalaureate education, Pitt’s four regional campuses continue to rank among the bottom half in terms of average faculty salaries.
Pitt’s Bradford campus ranks 16th during 2002-03 for average salary of full professors (Bradford average: $65,300), 15th for associate professors ($53,700) and 10th for assistant professors ($45,100).
Pitt’s Greensburg campus ranks 13th for average salary of full professors ($66,100), 12th for associate professors ($54,200) and 14th for assistant professors ($43,200).
The Johnstown campus ranks 17th for average salary of full professors ($62,900), 11th for associate professors ($54,500) and 12th for assistant professors ($44,700).
Salaries at the 16 non-Pitt, public AAU baccalaureate branches average $73,000 for full professors, $58,800 for associates and $49,300 for assistants.
Penn State branch campuses continue to pay the highest average salaries for all three ranks: full ($79,900), associate ($66,000) and assistant ($54,900) professors.
Penn State’s average salaries also are the highest among the three AAU public university branches that confer at least 75 percent of their degrees below the bachelor’s level. Pitt’s Titusville campus ranks last among these campuses for associate professors’ average salaries ($46,900) and 2nd for assistant professors ($40,900). Titusville employees too few full professors (i.e., fewer than three) to be ranked in that category.
Salary rankings are based on data published in the March-April issue of Academe, the journal of the American Association of University Professors.
– Bruce Steele

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