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September 16, 2004

Posvar Hall Bids Farewell to Unique Numbering System

The oft-mocked location number-letter system in Posvar Hall is no more. The building has a new room numbering system as part of the recently completed renovations project. (See story beginning on page 10.)

The new numbers have been converted from the old number/letter system as follows:

* Each room is assigned a four-digit number. The first digit is the floor number, 1-5; the second digit refers to the building section number (see diagram); the third and fourth digits refer to the individual room’s address.

* Areas formerly grouped under a letter (e.g., 2P) now are grouped by section numbers, 1-9 (e.g., 27). The sections are consistent on each floor, that is, Section 7 on floor 2 is directly above Section 7 on floor 1 and directly below Section 7 on floor 3.

* Sections on one side of the main corridor have odd numbers, while the other side has even section numbers, similar to city street addresses.

According to Facilities Management officials, directories that list the old numbers and the corresponding new room numbers are posted at the Posvar Hall entrances and in other prominent places on each floor, such as near the elevators.

The responsibility for updating information for individual employees rests with each unit, according to Facilities Management. (This includes updating web sites, business cards, stationery, promotional materials, etc.)

The Pittsburgh campus telephone directory, which is printed each fall, relies on employee records (ER) for updated campus addresses, Pitt officials said. Human Resources updates ERs based on information provided by an employee’s unit.

-Peter Hart

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