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September 3, 1998

H-P awards equipment grant to chemistry

Hewlett-Packard has awarded an equipment gift valued at $191,972 to the Department of Chemistry's Center for Combinatorial Chemistry. The center is the first academic establishment in the U.S. devoted solely to combinatorial chemistry and the development of new chemical discovery technologies.

Combinatorial chemistry–the rapid synthesis and screening of large "libraries" of organic compounds–is revolutionizing organic synthesis and drug discovery, and is expected to have a profound impact on the discovery of new materials. The center is directed by Peter Wipf, in partnership with Distinguished Service Professor and Bayer Professor of Chemistry Dennis Curran, and Craig Wilcox, chemistry chairperson. The LC-MS API-Elec-trospray System awarded by Hewlett-Packard will be used for quality control and high-volume characterization of chemical compound libraries, permitting the characterization of 20-100 new compounds daily. n

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