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University of Pittsburgh
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October 29, 1998

Faculty, staff leaders react to increases for administrators

University Senate President Nathan Hershey said of this year's raises for senior administrators: "I think the total amount of compensation the chancellor will get is not out of line with his range of responsibilities and the effort he puts in, and I would say the same is true for the provost." Hershey said he felt less qualified to comment on raises for other officers, but said the 3 percent increases for Carol Carter, vice chancellor for Institutional Advancement, and Robert Dunkelman, secretary of the corporation, "seemed reasonable." Rich Colwell, president of Pitt's Staff Association Council, said: "Staff are once again dismayed that senior administrators would accept raises greater than those offered generally. While we understand that senior administrators work very hard, we hope that they in turn will remember how hard staff work for such small increases." The pool of money for faculty and staff salaries increased by 3 percent for the 1998-99 fiscal year.

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