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November 25, 1998

Glaser gets ETS Distinguished Service Award

Professor of psychology and former director of PittĪ€s Learning Research and Development Center Robert Glaser received the 1998 Educational Testing Service (ETS) Award for Distinguished Service to Measurement Nov. 23.

Glaser, a leading scholar in the psychology of learning, cognition and instruction for more than 50 years, was honored for his accomplishments in assessment and learning.

Citing work that has had a major impact on the theoretical and practical development of educational and psychological testing, ETS President Nancy S. Cole praised Glaser for his longtime concern for the quality of learning environments, which has led to the development of intelligent tutoring systems, computer-supported curricula and intelligent discovery worlds. In presenting the award, Cole noted that Glaser was one of the first to champion the role of assessment in the service of learning and to build upon the psychology of human cognition to integrate instruction and testing.

The ETS award is the latest in a series of honors Glaser has earned, including the Distinguished Lifetime Contribution to Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics Award from the American Psychologists Association, the Distinguished Achievement Award from the Center of Evaluation, University of California at Los Angeles, and the E.L. Thorndike Award for Distinguished Psychological Contributions to Education. a leader in educational research. A nonprofit organization, ETS administers achievement, occupational and admissions tests, such as the SAT for the College Board, for clients in education, government and business.

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