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March 18, 1999

Faculty Salary Increases Oct. 31, 1997-Oct. 31, 1998

Faculty Salary Increases Oct. 31, 1997-Oct. 31, 1998

Pitt's Office of Institutional Research has released its annual report on salary increases for full-time continuing faculty.

As usual, the numbers require some explanation.

For example, the "continuing faculty" category excludes faculty members who were hired or promoted last year, were on leave of absence, or changed from eight-month to 12-month contracts or vice versa, among other reasons. See note below the chart for a fu ll list of faculty categories excluded from the report.

A school that appears to have awarded lower-than-average pay raises may in fact have promoted some professors and raised their salaries. But because those professors changed rank, they did not show up in the report as continuing faculty.

However, looking at the numbers for "total faculty" as well as "continuing faculty" should give readers an idea of how salaries of Pitt full-time continuing faculty changed between Oct. 31, 1997, and Oct. 31, 1998.

The Office of Institutional Research prepared the report in response to a request by the University Senate budget policies committee.

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