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April 29, 1999

Report details average FAS faculty pay

Report details average FAS faculty pay

Average nine-month faculty salaries in Pitt's Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) ranged last year from $23,027 for instructors in the humanities division to $81,275 for full professors in the social sciences division.

Average and median salaries for employees in FAS and other Pitt responsibility units as of Oct. 31, 1998, appeared in a University report last month. Pitt's Office of Institutional Research produced the report in accordance with Pennsylvania's Financial Disclosure Law.

The University Times reported higher- and lower-end salary figures in its March 18 issue. FAS salaries were left out because they fall in the middle range among Pitt schools.

But in response to requests from arts and sciences faculty, here are the FAS salary figures:

The average salary among the 222 humanities division faculty members was $52,436. The median salary was $48,088.

The total included 80 professors ($72,164 average, $66,864 median), 77 associate professors ($47,943 average, $47,581 median), 33 assistant professors ($39,033 average, $40,055 median), 15 instructors ($23,027 average, $20,608 median) and 17 in "other" ranks ($31,919 average, $30,966 median).

Among the 260 faculty in the natural sciences division, the average salary was $56,711. The median was $52,411.

That included 106 professors ($75,706 average, $75,125 median), 62 associate professors ($53,290 average, $51,328 median), 55 assistant professors ($40,900 average, $41,628 median), seven instructors ($28,962 average, $31,091 median) and 30 others ($32,124 average, $31,594 median).

In the social sciences division, 121 faculty earned an average salary of $64,159. The median was $58,353.

That included 54 professors ($81,275 average, $74,949 median), 42 associate professors ($54,495 average, $51,962 median), 19 assistant professors ($45,858 average, $44,089 median) and six others ($35,715 average, $34,910 median).

The report did not give a breakdown of FAS salaries below the divisional level. Salaries for faculty with 12-month contracts were converted to nine-month academic contracts. "Salary" as defined by the report included all contract salaries paid by Pitt, whether the source was hard money salary funds, a research grant awarded to Pitt, an endowment or other source.

— Bruce Steele

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