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University of Pittsburgh
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May 29, 1997

UPBC expected to discuss raises, tuition hikes today

At a meeting scheduled for 10 a.m. today, May 29, the University Planning and Budgeting Committee (UPBC) is expected to vote on recommended salary and tuition increases for next year.

According to several committee members, the key issue that UPBC and its budget parameters subcommittee have debated in recent weeks has been whether to recommend:

* Cutting the overall compensation budget by 1 percent and increasing the pool of money for faculty and staff salary raises by 2.5 percent, or

* Cutting overall compensation by 1.5 percent, while increasing the salary pool by 3 percent.

According to committee members interviewed by the University Times, UPBC seems to agree on recommending a 4.5 percent tuition increase for next fall.

UPBC will forward its recommendations to Chancellor Mark Nordenberg. The administration is expected to present a proposed budget to the Board of Trustees' budget committee June 19. The budget would then go to the full board for final approval June 26.

Provost James Maher chairs UPBC, which is a group of faculty, staff, student and administrative representatives that advises the senior administration on budgeting and long-range planning issues.

— Bruce Steele

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