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September 28, 2006

Science 2006 events



Ballrm. Alumni, 8 am-4 pm

Spotlight Session I-RNA: Cellular Strategies for Making It, Modifying It & Using It;

3rd fl. Science Lecture Hall, Alumni, 9 am

“Alternative Splicing & Biological Control,” Paula Grabowski, biological sciences

“Biogenesis & Functions of MicroRNAs,” Bino John, medicine

“Analysis of Proteins That Couple Chromatin Changes to Transcription Elongation,” Karen Arndt, biological sciences

Spotlight Session II-Interactive Searching of Non-Indexed Data;

531 Alumni, 9 am

“Diamond: Interactive Search for Needles in a Haystack,” Mahadev Satyanarayanan, CMU

“Biomolecular Systems Dynamics: From Structure to Function,” Ivet Bahar, medicine

“Streaming the Sky: Knowledge Discovery With a Virtual Telescope,” Andrew Connolly, physics and astronomy

Spotlight Session III-Preparing for Pandemics;

532 Alumni, 9 am

“Can a Pandemic Be Contained? Computational Simulation of Strategic Options,” Donald Burke, GSPH

“Determinants of Influenza A Genome Variability,” Elodie Ghedin, medicine

“Hospital Preparedness for Pandemic Influenza,” Eric Toner, UPMC

“Vaccine Development for Pandemic Influenza,” Andrea Gambotto, medicine

Plenary Session I-Dickson Prize Lecture; 7th fl. aud.Alumni, 11 am

“Chromatin & Transcription,” Roger Kornberg, Stanford

Poster Session I

Ballrm. Alumni, 1-2 pm

Science at Work Session I

“Commercialization Case Studies,” Eric Beckman, engineering; Dottie Cower, Cohera Medical; Marc Malandro, Tech. Management, & Patricia Rogan, Innovation Works; 532 Alumni, 1 pm

Science at Work Session II

“Entrepreneurship & Conflict of Interest in Science,” Theresa Colecchia, Office of General Council; David Smith, Pepper Hamilton, & Peter Watt-Morse, Morgan, Lewis & Bokius; 531 Alumni, 1 pm

Spotlight Session IV-Wiring the Developing Brain: Genes, Molecules & Activity;

3rd fl. Science Lecture Hall, Alumni, 2 pm

“Developmental Plasticity at Auditory Synapses: A Ménage à Trois in Silence,” Karl Kandler, medicine

“Population Dynamics & Plasticity of Reverberating Activity in Neuronal Circuits,” Guo-Qiang Bi, medicine

“Balancing the Roles of Molecular Specification & Activity-Dependent Patterning in Visual System Development,” Justin Crowley, CMU

“Activity-Dependent Changes in Cortical Circuitry During Development,” Alison Barth, CMU

Spotlight Session V-Gene Environment Interaction;

532 Alumni, 2 pm

“Angiogenic Gene Programs in Arsenic-Promoted Vascular Diseases,” Aaron Barchowsky, GSPH

“Molecular Determinants of Cardiorespiratory Response to Zinc,” Bruce Pitt, GSPH

“Genetic Susceptibility to Environmental Carcinogens,” Emanuela Taioli, GSPH

Spotlight Session VI-Nature’s Molecular Mechanics: The Grease, the Oil & the Amino Acids;

531 Alumni, 2 pm

“PcrA Helicase Engine & the Domino Effect,” Sanford Leuba, medicine

“Signal Transduction & the Cytoskeleton: The APC Connection,” Brooke McCartney, CMU

“Kinesin Proteins as Motors for Moving Cargo Along Microtubule Tracks,” David Hackney, CMU

“The DNA Replication Machinery in Archaea: Coming Together for Fidelity,” Michael Trakselis, chemistry

Plenary Session II-Mellon Lecture; 7th fl. aud. Alumni, 4 pm

“Dynamic Interplay Between Nature & Nurture in Brain Development,” Carla Shatz, Harvard

Science 2006 Opening Night Reception & Technology Showcase

Lower lounge WPU, 5 pm



Ballrm. Alumni, 8 am-2 pm

Professional Development Workshop

7th fl. aud. Alumni, 8:30 am

Spotlight Session VII-Nature’s Pharmacopoeia;

531 Alumni, 9 am

“The Design & Characterization of Anticancer Compounds Based on Naturally Occurring DNA Minor Groove Binders,” Barry Gold, pharmacy

“Parallel Synthesis & Biological Evaluation of Peptide Mimetics,” Peter Wipf, chemistry

“Synthesis & Biological Evaluation of Dictyostatin Anticancer Agents,” Dennis Curran, chemistry

Spotlight Session VIII-Neurotransmitters, Transporters and Receptors;

3rd fl. Science Lecture Hall, Alumni, 9 am

“Excitatory Amino Acid Transporters: Keeping Up With Glutamate,” Susan G. Amara, medicine

“Emotions & the Brain: How Neurotransmitters Control How We Feel,” Anthony Grace, neuroscience, psychology & psychiatry

“Not Just a Terminator: New Roles for the Dopamine Transporter,” Gonzalo Torres, medicine

“Dopaminergic Degeneration in Parkinson’s Disease,” J. Timothy Greenamyre, medicine

Spotlight Session IX-Morphogenesis;

532 Alumni, 9 am

“Reverse Engineering Morphogenesis,” Lance Davidson, bioengineering

“Genetic Control of Epithelial Tissue Closure,” Beth Stronach, biological sciences

“How T-Killer Cells Deliver the Kiss of Death: A Quantitative Systems Perspective,” Ivan Maly, medicine

Plenary Session III-Klaus Hofmann Lecture;

7th fl. aud. Alumni, 11 am

“Animal Biodiversity & Drug Discovery: Cone Snail Venoms, a Case Study,” Baldomero Olivera, U of Utah

Science at Work Session III

“IBM/National Geographic ‘Genographic’ Project,” Ajay Royyuru, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, & Eleanor Finegold, GSPH; 531 Alumni, 1 pm

Science at Work Session IV

“Meeting the Challenges of Starting a Life Sciences Company,” James Jordan, John Manzetti & Alan West, Pgh. Life Sciences Greenhouse, & Richard Overmoyer, GSP Consulting;

532 Alumni, 1 pm

Poster Session II

Ballrm. Alumni, 1-2 pm

Spotlight Session X-Energy: Future Challenge Today;

3rd fl. Science Lecture Hall, Alumni, 2 pm

“Natural Gas Hydrates: Energy & Climate Change,” Gerald Holder, engineering

“Challenges in Development of Hydrogen-Turbine & Fuel-Cell Hybrid Power Generation Systems,” Minking K. Chyu, mechanical engineering

“Models & Simulation of Turbulent Combustion,” Peyman Givi, mechanical engineering

Spotlight Session XI-New Ways of Seeing & Measuring Things;

532 Alumni, 2 pm

“Molecular Ruler,” Simon Watkins, medicine

“Three-Dimensional Imaging of Electrical Activity in the Heart,” Guy Salama, medicine

“Fluorescence Detection in Biomedicine — A Billion-Dollar Industry,” Alan Waggoner, CMU

“Looking at Amyloid as a Neurotoxin & as a Nanomaterial,” Ronald Wetzel, medicine

Spotlight Session XII-The Biology of Pain;

531 Alumni, 2 pm

“Advances in the Neurobiology of Pain,” Gerald Gebhart, pharmacology

“Mechanisms Underlying Sensitization of Visceral Nociceptors,” William DeGroat, medicine

“These Neurons Are Real: Identification of Sensory Neurons That Make Life Miserable & What We Can Do About Them,” Brian Davis, medicine

“Growth Factors & the Sensory Neuron: Too Much of a Good Thing Can Hurt,” Kathryn Albers, medicine

Plenary Session IV-Provost Lecture;

7th fl. aud. Alumni, 4 pm

“Scientific Challenges in Sustainable Energy Technology,” Nathan Lewis, Cal Tec

Science 2006 Closing Barbecue

CL lawn, 5 pm

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