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March 6, 2008

Tales From the Scales: Larry's Buff Buddies

Faculty and staff members at the University Center for International Studies formed a number of teams to compete in the weight race, according to Elaine Linn, assistant director of the global studies program, who is the spokesperson for Larry’s Buff Buddies.

Linn and her husband, Ahmed Abdelwahab, an adjunct faculty member at UCIS, were assigned to a team that is spread out over three locations on campus, making team efforts more difficult, Linn said.

So, she took it upon herself to motivate her teammates with encouraging emails, urging the team, for example, to get out and walk as much as possible.

“Unfortunately, it’s been hard to get out and do the walking because the weather’s been so bad,” she said. However, her husband has been conscientious about walking and the couple walk up to 10,000 steps a day four times a week. “He’s really been supportive, and that helps motivate me.”

They also agreed to give up red meat for the duration of the race and have stuck to that strategy, she said.

“My husband says he feels like he’s eating more, but that may be just a perception,” Linn said. “He’s always been a healthy eater, but now he’s just more conscious that he’s eating and what he’s eating.”

Linn said she is working out more during the day to supplement her morning exercise-video workouts at home. “I’ve been going over to the gym [in Bellefield Hall] during my lunch hours when I can afford the take the time,” she said. “It helps.”

Linn says she’s disappointed that her suggestions regarding the weight race have not been acted on within her responsibility center.

“Getting a designated workout space in Posvar may not be realistic, but I was hoping that we could have a brown bag lunch every other week at least with the weight race teams to discuss ideas and give encouragement,” said Linn, who used to be in Weight Watchers and has had experience with dieting and then putting weight back on. “I think it’s important to share experiences about past dieting attempts.”

In the week 4 standings, Larry’s Buff Buddies are 178th, having met 7.5 percent of their total weight loss goals.

—Peter Hart

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