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May 29, 2008

Romoff tops UPMC highest paid at $4 million

Again this year, UPMC president and CEO Jeffrey R. Romoff topped all UPMC employees in total pay, netting more than $4 million for fiscal year 2007.

Compensation figures reported on IRS form 990 for highly paid officials at UPMC were released May 16 for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2007.

(For figures on the University’s IRS form 990 filings, see related story this issue.)

Romoff’s pay was $3,949,981 in compensation (a 19.7 percent raise over FY 2006), $41,968 in benefits and $20,380 in an expense account and other allowances.

IRS form 990 requires tax-exempt corporations such as UPMC and Pitt to file compensation figures for their five top-earning, non-officer employees as well as for officers, directors and trustees by May 15 of the following year.

According to the UPMC 990 filing, the five highest-paid UPMC employees (other than officers, directors and trustees) were:

• Ghassan Bejjani, a neurosurgeon with the Greater Pittsburgh Neurosurgical Associates/UPMC, $1,329,793 in compensation and $14,024 in benefits.

• Kenton James Zehr, a faculty clinician in the Department of Surgery, $1,245,928 in compensation and $11,480 in benefits.

• James D. Luketich, professor of thoracic surgery, $1,181,484 in compensation and $20,208 in benefits.

• Michael B. Horowitz, director of the Center for Endovascular and Exovascular Therapy, $1,058,688 in compensation and $17,969 in benefits.

• Victor Onofre Morell, faculty clinician in the Department of Surgery and the Heart, Lung and Esophageal Surgery Institute, $1,024,668 in compensation and $17,609 in benefits.

UPMC also paid 10,111 other unspecified employees more than $50,000, according to the UPMC 990 form.

System-wide, UPMC is a $7 billion organization that has 48,000 employees, 20 hospitals, 400 outpatient sites and doctors’ offices, a 1.2-million-member health insurance division, as well as commercial and international ventures.

For the second consecutive year, UPMC filed a consolidated form 990, under the rubric UPMC Group, merging the financial information of 35 of UPMC’s largest tax-exempt entities, as well as a separate form for the parent organization. In the past the health center filed separate forms for each entity.

Several UPMC employees drew compensation from more than one UPMC entity. Due to the large number of UPMC employees across the health center’s entities who are listed on the 990 form, the University Times chose to focus on UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, UPMC’s largest unit, and on the University of Pittsburgh physicians practice plan (UPP), a group of more than 1,600 physicians who are Pitt School of Medicine faculty and allied health professionals.

According to UPMC’s 990 tax form, the compensation amounts listed represent the full compensation packages paid to the individuals for performing their assigned duties at UPMC and not for any service as directors or board members. A portion of the disclosed compensation may be previously reported deferred compensation. A portion of the reported benefits also may be earned but deferred compensation.

UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside

UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside organizationally includes employees of Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC) and the Hillman Cancer Center, as well as UPMC Presbyterian, UPMC Shadyside, UPMC Montefiore and Eye and Ear hospitals.

Officers, directors and trustees who were compensated by UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside, according to the 990 form, include Romoff and the following:

• Paul Castillo, UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside chief financial officer ($284,040 in compensation and $27,612 in benefits);

• Robert J. Cindrich, UPMC chief legal officer ($1,053,300 in compensation; $111,410 in benefits);

• Elizabeth Concordia, UPMC senior vice president for academic and community hospitals ($1,217,847 in compensation; $123,588 in benefits);

• Robert A. DeMichiei, UPMC chief financial officer ($840,614 in compensation; $96,228 in benefits);

• C. Talbot Heppenstall Jr., UPMC treasurer ($609,853 in compensation; $71,107 in benefits);

• John Innocenti, UPMC senior vice president and chief operating officer ($603,955 in compensation; $49,208 in benefits);

• Michele P. Jegasothy, UPMC corporate secretary ($210,747 in compensation; $21,687 in benefits);

• Edward T. Karlovich, chief financial officer for academic and community hospitals ($618,648 in compensation; $44,713 in benefits).

UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside also compensated the following employees under the category “compensation provided by related organization”:

• David Campbell, outreach liaison for continuing medical education ($152,776 in compensation; $21,023 in benefits).

• George A. Huber, UPMC vice president and counsel ($826,917 in compensation; $99,814 in benefits).

• Claudia Roth, president of WPIC ($445,062 in compensation; $32,202 in benefits).

• Tamra Merryman, UPMC vice president ($312,179 in compensation; $21,072 in benefits).

• JW Wallace, senior director of diversity initiatives ($139,837 in compensation; $19,358 in benefits).

• W. Dennis Zerega, vice president for graduate medical education ($240,184 in compensation; $27,490 in benefits).

• Robert B. Devlin, associate counsel ($229,228 in compensation; $23,830 in benefits).

• Bryant Wesley, assistant counsel ($145,261 in compensation; $9,420 in benefits).

• Kathleen M. Beltz, board assistant secretary, Health Center Development Corp., ($61,025 in compensation $15,058 in benefits).

• Marlene R. Cooper, director of graduate medical education compliance ($95,284 in compensation; $16,970 in benefits).

• Daniel Drawbaugh, senior vice president and chief information officer ($891,298 in compensation; $106,273 in benefits).

• Phil Green, president of Strategic Business Initiatives of UPMC ($647,164 in compensation; $56,236 in benefits).

• Scott Gilstrap, president of UPMC’s Innovative Medical and Information Technologies (IMIT) Center ($228,007 in compensation; $22,762 in benefits).

• Deanne Krugh, vice president for operations and finance, IMIT Center ($109,682 in compensation; $15,154 in benefits).

• Edward Marinzel, vice president for security ($207,996 in compensation; $19,937 in benefits).

• William Shaffner, associate counsel ($311,373 in compensation; $29,674 in benefits).

• Neil E. Todhunter, president, UPMC Northwest ($391,015 in compensation; $36,543 in benefits).

• Eric Cartwright, vice president for construction and real estate ($382,644 in compensation; $34,087 in benefits).

• Alexander J. Ciocca, associate legal counsel ($257,284 in compensation; $25,001 in benefits).

• V. Thomas Worrall, medical adviser ($18,750 in compensation; $758 in benefits).

• Deborah E. Winn, executive administrator I ($72,374 in compensation; $9,379 in benefits).

• Tracey Sweeney Burns, executive assistant ($45,001 in compensation; $5,868 in benefits).

• Charles Bogosta, president of community and international services ($463,015 in compensation; $50,280 in benefits).

• Stanley Marks, chief of hematology/oncology ($499,408 in compensation; $12,517 in benefits).

• Jeffrey Shogan, treasurer of UPMC Cancer Centers ($393,621 in compensation; $9,564 in benefits).

• Amy Dolan Strano, assistant counsel ($124,751 in compensation; $17,837 in benefits).

• David Bobrzynski, vice president of finance ($148,998 in compensation; $21,245 in benefits).

• Stephen Nimmo, associate counsel ($338,907 in compensation; $30,852 in benefits).


The University of Pittsburgh physicians practice plan was formed in 1999 by uniting clinical practices representing 17 departments in Pitt’s School of Medicine.

The following UPP figures, including those for board members, do not include professors’ Pitt compensation or benefits.

UPP’s 990 form information included 2006-07 compensation figures for UPP President Marshall Webster ($708,612 in compensation and $79,891 in benefits), board secretary Loren H. Roth ($759,341 in compensation and $84,711 in benefits) and board treasurer Joel B. Nelson ($534,061 in compensation and $18,986 in benefits), as well as for UPP board members who are paid by UPP for their clinical or administrative duties.

UPP board members compensated in FY07 were:

Critical care medicine chair Mitchell P. Fink ($526,032 in compensation; $28,038 in benefits); anesthesiology chair John P. Williams ($349,755 in compensation; $18,021 in benefits); family medicine chair Jeannette E. South-Paul ($147,050 in compensation; $7,067 in benefits); orthopaedics chair Freddie H. Fu ($678,802 in compensation; $21,560 in benefits);

Psychiatry chair David J. Kupfer ($394,998 in compensation; $20,465 in benefits); radiation oncology chair Joel S. Greenberger ($399,997 in compensation; $20,639 in benefits);

Physical medicine and rehabilitation chair Ross D. Zafonte ($171,756 in compensation; $13,373 in benefits); neurology chair Steven T. DeKosky ($259,998 in compensation; $19,927 in benefits); emergency medicine chair Paul Mark Paris ($218,698 in compensation; $19,167 in benefits);

Dermatology chair Louis D. Falo Jr. ($204,999 in compensation; $15,735 in benefits); otolaryngology chair Jonas T. Johnson ($459,994 in compensation; $20,662 in benefits); pediatrics chair David Hirsch Perlmutter ($284,999 in compensation; $17,589 in benefits);

Ophthalmology chair Joel S. Schuman ($337,200 in compensation; $16,940 in benefits); obstetrics/gynecology chair W. Allen Hogge ($330,696 in compensation; $20,254 in benefits); pathology chair George K. Michalopoulos ($309,998 in compensation; $20,025 in benefits); surgery chair Timothy R. Billiar ($516,296 in compensation; $18,831 in benefits); radiology chair Scott A. Mirowitz ($508,693 in compensation; $19,017 in benefits);

Cardiovascular Institute administrative director Barry London ($359,996 in compensation; $18,837 in benefits); associate professor of surgery Kenneth K.W. Lee ($93,987 in compensation; $7,343 in benefits; Lee retired Dec. 31, 2006); pediatrics associate professor Pamela J. Murray ($78,094 in compensation; $4,473 in benefits; Murray retired Dec. 31, 2006); professor of medicine Beth Piraino ($65,129 in compensation; $9,514 in benefits); obstetrics and gynecology professor Frederick S. Sherman ($109,546 in compensation; $6,744 in benefits; Sherman retired Dec. 31, 2006);

Emergency medicine professor and vice chair Donald M. Yealy ($128,507 in compensation; $8,276 in benefits; Yealy retired Dec. 31, 2006); executive vice president Mark Benninghoff ($411,204 in compensation; $28,406 in benefits); senior vice president for administration and operations Alan R. Green ($119,420 in compensation; $11,578 in benefits);

Medicine chair Steven Shapiro ($334,996 in compensation; $3,027 in benefits); professor of pediatric neurology Deborah L. Holder ($53,499 in compensation; $2,229 in benefits); UPP CFO Ann McElroy ($272,585 in compensation; $16,810 in benefits), and neurosurgery chair Amin Bardai Kassam ($1,159,988 in compensation; $17,969 in benefits).

Three UPP board members were compensated effective Jan. 1, 2007. They were Marguerite Bonaventure ($93,173 in compensation; $8,312 in benefits); Mary Korytkowski ($7,840 in compensation; $1,060 in benefits), and David Bartlett ($156,860 in compensation; $4,680 in benefits).

Non-UPP board members paid by UPP in FY07 were: Stuart Chetlin ($171,815 in compensation; $15,153 in benefits); William F. Donaldson ($511,644 in compensation; $20,264 in benefits; Donaldson resigned in November 2006); George K. Gittes ($362,345 in compensation; $16,682 in benefits);

Steven Docimo ($342,012 in compensation; $18,003 in benefits, beginning March 2007); Francis Solano ($223,029 in compensation; $9,192 in benefits); David A. Nace ($128,179 in compensation; $8,417 in benefits); Howard Edington ($295,768 in compensation; $22,239 in benefits); Gary Silverman ($359,198 in compensation; $18,791 in benefits);

Kian S. Kooros ($160,000 in compensation; $8,054 in benefits); Joon Sup Lee ($641,992 in compensation; $19,402 in benefits); Adele L. Towers ($145,982 in compensation; $10,859 in benefits); Valerie C. Trott ($249,294 in compensation; $15,268 in benefits);

Frank Kroboth ($53,490 in compensation; $4,441 in benefits); Rita M. Patel ($209,348 in compensation; $17,034 in benefits); Sabato Stile ($195,838 in compensation; $8,496 in benefits); Ken Nash ($255,286 in compensation; $13,862 in benefits), and Joel H. Weinberg ($546,187 in compensation; $26,861 in benefits).

IRS form 990 also requires the filing of compensation figures for the five highest-paid independent professional services contractors and the five the highest-paid independent contractors for other services during FY07.

UPMC Group contracted with the following five firms for professional services:

• Center for Organ Recovery and Education of Pittsburgh — $20,880,705 for organ recovery services.

• Marsh USA of Pittsburgh — $15,690,962 for insurance services.

• Center for Rehab Services of McKeesport — $13,722,627 for physical and occupational therapy services.

• ITXM Clinical Services of Pittsburgh — $9,118,474 for transfusion services.

• LD Astorino & Associates of Pittsburgh — $7,676,414 for architectural services.

UPMC Group also paid 258 unspecified contractors more than $50,000 each, according to the IRS form.

UPMC contracted with the following five firms for other services:

• Barton Malow PJ Dick Joint Venture — $75,440,356 for general contract services.

• Massaro Corp. — $18,238,283 for general contract services.

• Rycon Construction — $12,813,674 for general contract services.

• Hunt Construction Group — $11,826,586 for general contract services.

• Graziano Construction and Development Co. — $8,750,418 for general contract services.

UPMC Group also paid five unspecified contractors more than $50,000 each for other services, according to the IRS form. One of those contracted services is Managed Care Advisory Services of Pittsburgh, which is listed as UPMC’s management company on the 990 form.

In FY07, UPMC paid $5,312,257 to unspecified UPMC executives of Managed Care Advisory Services.

According to Health Sciences News Bureau spokesperson Wendy Zellner, those executives do not include UPMC President and CEO Jeffrey Romoff, whose pay had been included in, but not specified, under the management company prior to the FY06 IRS 990 filings (filed in May 2007).

Zellner said Romoff has not been employed by Managed Care Advisory Services since July 2005. She said some senior UPMC executives have been employed by the organization in the past and that the $5.3 million paid in FY 2007 represents accumulated retirement benefits, deferred revenues and severance for its former employees.

UPMC’s IRS 990 filing, which includes compensation and benefits for UPMC-wide officers, directors and trustees, as well as UPP and UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside affiliates not listed here whose compensation is provided by related organizations, can be accessed at by clicking the link “About UPMC,” followed by “Financial Information” and then “IRS Filings.”

—Peter Hart

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