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September 11, 2008

Faculty, staff reps named to trustee committees

Faculty and staff have been appointed or re-appointed by Chancellor Mark Nordenberg to be non-voting representatives on the 11 standing Pitt Board of Trustees committees.

Faculty and staff representatives serve one-year terms, not to exceed four consecutive terms. The representatives serve until June 30, the end of the University’s fiscal year.

The 2008-09 faculty representatives to the committees are:

• Academic affairs/libraries — Clark S. Muenzer, Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, and Michael Vanyukov, School of Pharmacy.

• Affirmative action — Rory Cooper, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS), and Irene Frieze, Department of Psychology.

• Athletics — Nathan Hershey, Graduate School of Public Health (GSPH), and James J. Irrgang, School of Medicine.

• Audit — Joseph P. Costantino, GSPH, and Aaron R. Mann, School of Social Work.

• Budget — Nicholas G. Bircher, School of Medicine, and Stephen L. Carr, Department of English.

• Health sciences — Ellen R. Cohn, SHRS, and Carl A. Sirio, School of Medicine.

• Institutional advancement — R. Donald Hoffman, School of Dental Medicine, and Josephine Olson, Katz Graduate School of Business.

• Investment — Rafael Engel, School of Social Work, and Kuldeep Shastri, Katz Graduate School of Business.

• Property and facilities — Catherine M. Bender, School of Nursing, and Paul W. Munro, School of Information Sciences (SIS).

• Risk and compliance — Carey D. Balaban, School of Medicine, and Kenneth M. Sochats, SIS.

• Student affairs — Kenneth Etzel, School of Dental Medicine, and John W. Gareis, Department of Communication.

Staff representatives, who are drawn from the Staff Association Council roster, named to trustees committees are:

• Academic affairs/libraries — Michael Semcheski.

• Affirmative action — Joyce Selden.

• Athletics — Carol Hodgkiss.

• Audit — Tammeka Banks.

• Budget — Monika Losagio.

• Health sciences — Angela Coldren.

• Institutional advancement — Gwendolyn Watkins.

• Investment — Coldren.

• Property and facilities — Rich Colwell.

• Risk and compliance — Colwell.

• Student affairs — Elisabeth Hilf.

—Peter Hart

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