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October 23, 2008


Thursday 23

• Spring term registration & add/drop begin.

HSLS Workshop

“PubMed Basics,”

Carolyn Biglow;

Falk Library classrm. 1, 10-11:30 am

Mascaro Sustainability Research Symposium

1175 Benedum, 10 am-2 pm (4-6718)

Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Seminar

“Biophysical Characterizations of Structural Proteins in the Nucleus: Lamins & Spectrins,”

Kris Dahl;

6014 BST3, 11 am

Survival Skills & Ethics Grants Workshop

“Learn About Research Assistance Available to You!”

Patricia Karausky & Shannon Valenti;

S100A Starzl BST, noon-1:30 pm (412/578-3716)

EOH Seminar

“Designing Elastic Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering,”

William Wagner;

5th fl. conf. rm. Bridgeside Point, noon

Epidemiology Seminar

“Tipping Point: The Future of Psychiatry,”

Charles Reynolds III;

A115 Crabtree, noon

Asian Studies Lecture

“Health Care Financing & Delivery in China: Problems, Controversies & Solutions,”

Wei Wang;

4130 Posvar, noon

Jazz Week Preview Concert

Pitt Jazz Ensemble, Nordy’s Place WPU, noon

Senate Community Organization Marketplace

Assembly Rm. WPU, noon

Senate Plenary Session

“Quality of Life in Oakland: Investing in University & Community Partnerships”;

Assembly Rm. WPU, 1-4 pm

HSLS Workshop

“EndNote Basics,”

Ahlam Saleh;

classrm. 2, Falk Library, 1-3 pm

Chemistry Lecture

“Aerobic Oxidative Amination Reactions Catalyzed by Pd & Cu,”

Shannon Stahl, U of WI;

12B Chevron, 2:30 pm

Auditory Research Seminar

“Defining the Cochlear Nucleus By Its Multi-Modal Inputs: What This Tells Us About Tinnitus & Hyperacusis,”

Susan Shore;

5th fl. boardrm. E&EI, 3 pm

Academic Career Development Postdoc Professionalism Lecture

“Setting Goals to Keep Your Career on Track,”

R. Kevin Grigsby, Penn State;

S110 Starzl BST, 3-5 pm

History/REES Lecture

“The Russian Evacuation of Warsaw, 1915,”

Robert Blobaum, WVU;

3703 Posvar, 3 pm (8-7407)

Biostatistics Seminar

“ISSAC: An Integrated Statistical System for Analyzing DNA Chip Data,”

Jae Won Lee, Korea U;

A115 Crabtree, 3:30 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“Variations in the Estrogenicity Index of Channel Catfish Flesh & Fat From the Three Rivers of Pgh.,”

Dan Volz, GSPH;

203 Thaw, 4 pm

McGowan Inst. Lecture/Moleculart Exhibit

“Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells: New Cell-Based Therapies for Regenerative Medicine,”

Arnold Caplan, Case Western Reserve;

4th fl. aud. 5 Scaife, 4 pm, followed by reception & exhibit by Moleculart artist Jason Shorr, 1105 Scaife

Global Studies Maghrebi-French Film

“Wesh Wesh Qu’est ce qui se Passe?”

FFA aud., 7 pm (4-2918)

Ridgway Lecture

“Transnational Challenges to Security,”

Brian Katulis, Ctr. for American Progress;

1500 Posvar, 7:30 pm

Religious Studies/Jewish Studies Lecture

“Jewish Art: Yes, But Is It Kosher? The Collision Between Artist Materials & the Rules of Kashrut,”

Ben Schachter, St. Vincent College;

1640 Posvar, 7:30 pm

Friday 24

• Fall term deadline for students to submit monitored withdrawal forms to dean’s office.

Dental Education Lecture

“The Basics of Dental Esthetics,”

Donald Pipko;

“Comprehensive Patient Education: Homecare,”

Elizabeth Onik;

“New Issues in Oral Medicine,”

James Guggenheimer;

“Update on Dental Bonding Systems,”

Peter Triolo Jr.;

540 Salk, 8:30 am-3:30 pm

Flu Shot Clinic

229-230 Salk, 10 am-2 pm

WPIC Lecture

“Bad Pitch: Deficits in Auditory Cortical Circuits in Subjects With Schizophrenia,”

Robert Sweet;

2nd fl. aud. WPIC, 11 am-12:30 pm

Sr. VC’s Research Seminar

“Mitochondrial Dynamics in Neurodegenerative Disease,”

Sarah Berman;

lecture rm. 6 Scaife, noon

Philosophy of Science Talk

“Why Constructive Relativity Fails,”

John Norton;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

Hispanic/CLAS Poetry Reading

Pedro Lastra; 208B CL, 2-4 pm

Engineering Westinghouse Lecture

“Computational Methods for Failure Analysis at the Nanoscale & Macroscale,”

Ted Belytschko, Northwestern;

main dining rm. Concordia Club, 4024 O’Hara St., 3 pm

Psychology Colloquium

“Cultural Socialization of Children’s Anger & Shame in Rural Nepal,”

Pamela Cole, Penn State;

4127 Sennott, 3 pm

Saturday 25

Football vs. Rutgers;

Heinz Field, 3:30 pm

Sunday 26

Bradford Campus Concert

“Made in America,”

Southern Tier Symphony;

Bromeley Family Theater, Blaisdell, UPB, 3 pm

Monday 27

Slavic/REES Lecture

“The Last Soviet Dreamer: Encounters With Leonid Potemkin,”

Jochen Hellbeck, Rutgers;

3703 Posvar, 1 pm (8-7407)

Medieval & Renaissance Studies/Jewish Studies/French & Italian Lecture

“What Is the ‘European Genizah’? A Survey of Hebrew Manuscript Discoveries in Italy & Spain & Their Importance for Jewish Studies,”

Mauro Perani, U of Bologna;

501 CL, 4 pm (4-5220)

English Panel Discussion

“The Essential Internship: Snaring One in the Media, Public Relations & Publishing”;

WPU lower lounge, 7:30 pm

UHC American Experience Lecture

“The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution & the Environment,”

Paul Ehrlich, Stanford;

20th Century Club, Bigelow & Parkman, 7:30 pm (4-2654)

Pgh. Chamber Music Society Concert

Emerson String Quartet;

Carnegie Music Hall, 8 pm

Tuesday 28

Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Nutrition Conference

“M & M,”

Kevin McGrath;

GI administrative office, mezzanine level, C-wing Presby, 7:30 am

Flu Shot Clinic

Student Health Service, 10 am-2 pm

Survival Skills & Ethics Careers Over Lunch

S120 Starzl BST, noon-1:30 pm

Health Services Research Seminar

“Hospitals’ Experiences With Pay-for-Performance & Pay-for-Reporting,” Melony Sorbrero;

305 Parkvale., noon

Sr. VC’s Laureate Lecture

“The Human Microbiome Project: Exploring the Microbial Side of Ourselves,”

Jeffery Gordon & Robert Glaser, Washington U-St. Louis;

aud. 6 Scaife, noon

Philosophy of Science Talk

“Interdisciplinarity: A Roadmap of the Discussion With Indications of Some Construction Sites,”

Hanne Andersen, U of Aarhus, Denmark;

817R CL, 12:05 pm

Education/Religious Studies/Jewish Studies Lecture

“65 Years Later: Teaching the Holocaust in Germany Today,”

Elke Gryglewski, House of Wannsee Conf. Memorial & Education Ctr., Berlin;

Kurtzman Rm. WPU, 2 pm

Women’s Studies Reception for New Women Faculty

2501 Posvar, 3-5 pm

MMG Seminar

“Wake Up, We’re Here! Signaling Into a Virus Upon Arrival at Its Host Cell,”

John Wills;

1295 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Seminar

“Chemical Tinkering With K+ Channel Complexes,”

William Kobertz, UMass;

1395 Starzl BST, 3:30 pm

ReSET Roundtable Discussion

“Quitting on Campus: Smoking Prevention & Cessation at Student Health Service,”

Jaime Sidani;

109 Parran, 3:30 pm

Jazz Week Film

“Straight, No Chaser”;

WPU Assembly Rm., 7 pm

Wednesday 29

Orthopaedic Grand Rounds

“Orthopaedic Surgery,”

Venkat Seshadri;

LHAS aud. 7 Main Montefiore, 7 am

Clinical Oncology & Hematology Grand Rounds

“Compliance Update,” Frank Czura;

Cooper Conf. Ctr. classrm. C, 8 am

GSPIA Federal Career Day

Assembly Rm., Ballrm. & Kurtzman Rm. WPU, 9 am-3 pm

Pathology Research Seminar

“Transcriptional Control of Hepatocyte Growth & Proliferation: New Pathways,”

Joseph Locker, Albert Einstein College of Medicine;

1105 Scaife, noon

HA&A Colloquium

“Reading, Writing & Text,” M. Alison Stones;

203 FFA, noon (8-2400)

Religious Studies Lecture

“The Hermeneutic Revolution in Contemporary Islam,”

Mohammed Bamyeh, sociology;

2628 CL, noon

HSLS Workshop

“Genetic Variation Resources,”

Ansuman Chattopadhyay;

Falk Library conf. rm. B, 1-3 pm

History/REES Lecture

“Printing a Pogrom: Violence & Print Communities in Interwar Romania,”

Roland Clark;

3703 Posvar, 4 pm (8-7407)

GI DDC Grand Rounds

“Case Presentations,”

Joseph Rodemann & Bahar Madani;

1104 Presby, 5 pm

Greensburg Campus La Cultura Lecture

“A Retrospective & Prospective on the Enigma of Women,”

Lipika Mazumdar, anthropology;

Campana Chapel & Lecture Ctr., UPG, 7 pm (724/836-7741)

Latin American Film

“Eu Tu Eles (Me, You, Them)”;

FFA aud., 7:30 pm

Pitt Symphony Orchestra Concert

Bellefield aud., 8 pm

Pgh. Contemporary Writers Reading

Russel Banks;

120 DL, 8:30 pm

Thursday 30

HSLS Workshop

“PowerPoint for Beginners & Advanced PowerPoint,”

Sam Lewis;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 10 am-2 pm

Flu Shot Clinic

WPU Dining Rm. B, 10 am-2 pm

Epidemiology Seminar

“Evidence-Based Approach for the Initial Site of Treatment for Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Case Study of Type II Translational Research,”

Michael Fine;

A115 Crabtree, noon

Asian Studies Lecture

“Reading & Writing Chinese,”

Charles Perfetti;

4130 Posvar, noon

Jazz Week Concert

Pitt Jazz Ensemble;

Nordy’s Place WPU, noon

Disability Law & Policy Lecture

I. King Jordan, former president of Gallaudet U;

Teplitz Moot Courtrm. Barco, 1 pm

Neuroscience Lecture

“Periadolescent Maturation of Dopamine Actions in the Prefrontal Cortex in Normal Rats & in the Developmental Models of Schizophrenia,”

Patricio O’Donnell, U of MD;

A219 Langley, 1 pm

McGowan Inst. Seminar

Partha Roy;

Scaife aud. 5, 4 pm

Chemistry Lecture

“Excited State Chemistry in Complex Environments,”

Todd Martinez, U of IL-Urbana-Champaign;

12B Chevron, 4 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“How the US Government Uses Geoscience at the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance to Reduce the Impact of Geological Disasters Worldwide,”

Gari Mayberry, USAID;

203 Thaw, 4 pm

Katz Part-Time MBA Info Session

101 Mervis, 6-7:30 pm

Global Studies Maghrebi-French Film

“Voisins, Voisines,”

FFA aud., 7 pm (4-2918)

Jazz Week Lecture

“The History of the Recording Industry,”

George Avakian;

Heinz Chapel, 7 pm

History Thompson Lecture

“Freedom Papers: An Atlantic Creole Itinerary,”

Rebecca Scott, U of MI;

4125 Sennott, 7:30 pm

Ridgway Lecture

“National Security Policy: Challenges for the New Administration & Congress,”

William Danvers;

1500 Posvar, 7:30 pm (4-7884)

Friday 31

Dental Education Seminar

“Estate & Asset Protection Planning—The Basics: Everything Every Dentist Should & Must Know!”

Stanley Pollock;

402 Salk, 9 am-noon

Board of Trustees Meeting

Assembly Rm., WPU, 10 am

Jazz Week Lecture

“The Music of Trumpet Greats Roy Eldridge, Dizzy Gillespie & Miles Davis,”

Cecil Bridgewater & Mike Mossman;

WPU lower lounge, 10 am

Senate Budget Policies Committee Mtg.

501 CL, noon-2 pm

CATER Regenerative Medicine Seminar

“From the Bed to the Bioreactor: Tumor Cell Plasticity During Dissemination,”

Alan Wells;

1104 Scaife, 12:30 pm

Jazz Week Lecture

“A Tribute to Pgh. Drummers Kenny Clarke & Art Blakey,” L

eon Ndugu Chancler;

WPU lower lounge, 1-2:30 pm

Jazz Week Community Outreach Appearance

Cecil Bridgewater; Falk School, 1 pm

East Asian/Asian Studies Lecture

“A Cross-Cultural Study of the Minority Experience: Koreans in Osaka & African Americans in Chicago, 1920-1945,”

Chisato Hotta, UCIS;

4130 Posvar, 2 pm

SHRS Rubin Lecture

“The Nature of Aphasic Deficits in Syntactic Processing,”

David Caplan;

4060 Forbes Tower, 3-5 pm

Jazz Week Lecture

“The Music of Saxophone Greats Cannonball Adderley & John Coltrane,”

Antonio Hart & Bennie Maupin;

WPU lower lounge, 3 pm


Saturday 1

Jazz Week Lecture

“The Role of Guitar in Jazz Fusion,”

Larry Coryell;

WPU Assembly Rm., 10-11:30 am

Jazz Week Lecture

“A Tribute to Piano Legends Art Tatum, Bud Powell & Bill Evans,”

Patrice Rushen;

WPU Assembly Rm., 11:30 am

Dental Education Seminar

“Ergonomics & the Dental Professional,”

Nancy Baker;

2148 Salk, 9 am-noon

Jazz Week Concert

Carnegie Music Hall, 8 pm (4-4187)

Sunday 2

Music Concert

Music on the Edge: Betsy Jolas, Franz Lehar composer-in-residence;

Bellefield aud., 8 pm (tickets: 412/394-3353)

Monday 3

GSPH Lecture

“Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS) 25th Anniversary,”

Phillip Parr & Charles Rinaldo, Pitt, & Sten Vermund, Vanderbilt;

A115 Crabtree, 8-11:30 am

Tuesday 4

HSLS Workshop

“Transitioning to Ebsco CINAHL,”

Charles Wessel;

Falk Library classrm. 1, noon-1:30 pm

HA&A/UCIS/Asian Studies Lecture

“The Silk Road & the Early Connections With the Korean Peninsula,”

Sarah Nelson, U of Denver;

FFA seminar rm., 2:30 pm

Panel Discussion on Study Abroad Opportunities for Nontraditional Students

McCarl Ctr., 4th fl CL, 4:30-6 pm

Wednesday 5

CIDDE Teaching Excellence Fair for Faculty

Connolly Ballrm. Alumni, 9 am-1 pm

HSLS Workshop

“EndNote Basics,” Ahlam Saleh;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 10 am-noon

Pathology Research Seminar

“Bias Role of PGE2 & Adenosine in the Host-Tumor Conflict,”

Eli Gorelik;

1104 Scaife, noon

Studio Arts Gallery Talk

Sean Derry, Anna Divinsky & JoAnna Commandaros;

Univ. Art Gallery FFA, noon (8-2430)

HA&A Colloquium

“In the Shadow of Naram-Sim: Interpretive Paradigms & Biases in the Study of Some Mesopotamian Royal Monuments,”

Melissa Eppihimer, Harvard;

203 FFA, noon

HSLS Workshop

“DNA Analysis Tools,”

Carrie Iwema;

Falk Library conf. rm. B, 1-3 pm

Faculty Assembly Mtg.

2700 Posvar, 3 pm

History Lecture

“The Whole World in Our Country: Race, Ethnicity & Internationalism in Jewish & Italian-American Anarchism, 1890-1940,”

Kenyon Zimmer;

3703 Posvar, 4 pm

CGS Student Government/Alumni Council Social

WPU lower lounge, 4-6 pm

Latin American Film

“Las Doce Sillas (The 12 Chairs)”;

FFA aud., 7:30 pm

Thursday 6

HSLS Workshop

“Adobe Photoshop for Beginners,”

Sam Lewis;

Falk Library classrm. 2, 10 am-noon

Bioethics & Health Law Grand Rounds

“International Human Rights Narratives & Women’s Health,”

David Barnard;

113 Barco, noon

Epidemiology Seminar

“Germ Warfare & Positive Deviance: Finding the Solutions on the Front Line,”

Jon Lloyd;

A115 Crabtree; noon

HSLS Lunch With a Librarian

“Patient Education Solutions: Locating Patient-Level Information Within HSLS Resources,”

Rebecca Abromitis;

Falk Library conf. rm. B, noon

ADRC Lecture

“Medication IQ: Maximizing Medication Adherence Among the Elderly,” Anthony Zuccolotto, Amy Eschman & Gretchen Archer, Psychology Software Tools;

S439 Montefiore, noon

Asian Studies Lecture

“Simian Amphibians: The Mermaid Trade in Early Modern Japan,”

Martha Chaiklin;

4130 Posvar, noon

Pitt Press Lecture/Book Signing

“Not a Pgh. Idea: History & the Eponymous Nickelodeon,”

Michael Aronson;

501 CL, noon

Medieval & Renaissance Studies/French & Italian Lecture

“Mrs. Polonius Goes to Italy: An Intimate Guide to Shakespeare’s Europe,”

Julia Reinhard Lupton, UC-Irvine;

G24 CL, 4 pm

McGowan Inst. Seminar

Rich Neptune, U of TX;

Scaife aud. 5, 4 pm

Geology & Planetary Science Colloquium

“The Formation of Helgafell, SW-Iceland, a Monogenetic Subglacial Hyaloclastite Ridge: Sedimentology, Hydrology & Ice-Volcano Interaction,”

Herdis Schopka, Cornell;

203 Thaw, 4 pm

German Conference

“Goethe & the Postclassical”;

8 pm (also Nov. 7, 8:30 am; Nov. 8, 9 am; Nov. 9, 8:30 am;

for locations, see

PhD Defenses


“Prevention Research: The Center for Healthy Aging Demonstration Program,”

Joseph Robare;

Oct. 29, 5th fl. conf. rm., Bellefield Professional Bldg., 9 am

A&S/Hispanic Languages & Literatures

“The Discursive Construction of Intercultural Education in the Mexican Indigenous Context,”

Rocio Fuentes;

Oct. 29, 4217 Posvar, 9:30 am


“Genetic Determinants of Bone Mineral Density in Men: A Candidate Gene Approach to Studying a Complex Trait,”

Laura Yerges;

Oct. 29, A523 Crabtree, 1 pm


“3 Essays Examining Empirical Issues in Marketing Channels,”

Ryan Luchs;

Oct. 31, 102 Mervis, 10 am


“Composing, Revising & Performing Suzhou Ballads: A Study of Political Control & Artistic Freedom in Tanci, 1949-1964,”

Stephanie Webster-Cheng;

Oct. 31, 302 Music, 2 pm

GSPIA/International Development & Public Administration

“Educating for Global Citizenship Through Service-Learning: A Theoretical Account & Curricular Evaluation,”

Eric Hartman;

Nov. 3, 3200 Posvar, 9 am


“Development & Comparison of Different Methods of Evaluating Free-Response ROC Systems,”

Tao Song;

Nov. 4, 325A Parran, 11 am


“Ideal Theory As Democratic Theory,”

Ben Laurence;

Nov. 5, 1001D CL, noon


Pitt Repertory Theatre

“The Clean House”;

through Oct. 26, M-Sat. 8 pm, Sun. 2 pm, Heymann Theatre, Stephen Foster (4-0933 or

Kuntu Repertory Theatre

“Diane’s Heart”;

through Nov. 1, Th-Sat. 8 pm, Sun. 4 pm, 7th fl. aud. Alumni (4-7298)

Pitt Repertory Theatre


Oct. 29-Nov. 9, W-F at 8 pm; Sat. Nov. 1 at 2 & 8 pm; Sun. at 2 pm; Sat. Nov. 8 at 8 pm,

Studio Theatre CL (4-PLAY or


Hillman Library Audubon Exhibit

“Turkey Buzzard,”

through Nov. 3;

“White-Breasted Black-Capped Nuthatch,”

Nov. 4-17;

Hillman Library ground fl. exhibition case, reg. library hours (8-7715)

Barco Law Library Photography Exhibit


by Kaoru Tohara;

through Nov. 7;

Barco 4th fl. exhibit gallery, reg. library hours (8-1376)

Studio Arts Faculty Exhibit

Through Nov. 21;

University Art Gallery, FFA, M-F 10 am-4 pm (info: 8-2430)

Bradford Campus Art Exhibit

“Sprawlification” by Dylan Beck;

through Nov. 14; KOA Art Gallery, Blaisdell, UPB

Pitt History Exhibit

“Free At Last?”;

McGuinn Gallery, Heinz History Ctr., 1212 Smallman St., Strip District,

10 am-5 pm daily Oct. 25-April 5. (412/454-6000)


Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Awards

Nomination forms due Oct. 24 to George Klinzing, 826 CL.

Pittsburgh Innovates

Submissions for technology competition due online Oct. 26.


Int’l Symposium on Academic Globalization

Papers/abstracts submissions & invited sessions proposals due Oct. 28.

Authors’ notifications due Dec. 18. Full papers due Feb. 11.

Submit online at

Bellet Teaching Excellence Awards

Nominations due Oct. 31 to Juan Manfredi, 140 Thackeray.

Ampco Prize for Teaching Excellence in Advising

Nominations due Oct. 31 to Juan Manfredi, 140 Thackeray.

GSPIA Johnson Award for Best Papers in Ethics & Accountability in Public Service

Entries due Nov. 1.

(info: 8-1336)

UCIS Faculty Fellowship

Requests for proposals due Nov. 1.


Study Abroad Vira Heinz Scholarships

Applications due by 4 pm Nov. 7.

Applications: (8-7413)

Chancellor’s Distinguished Public Service Awards

Nomination letters due Nov. 14 to Andrew Blair, 826 CL.

UCIS/UHC Research Abroad Program

Proposals due Nov. 30.


European Studies Faculty European Grant

Deadline is Dec. 5.

(info & application:


Information submitted for the Calendar of the Times should identify the type of event, such as lecture or concert, and the program's specific title, sponsor, location and time. The name and phone number of a contact person also should be included. Information should be sent to the University Times by email to:, by FAX to: 412/ 624-4579, or by campus mail to: 308 Bellefield Hall. We cannot guarantee publication of events received after the deadline.

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