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March 17, 2005

Affirmative action award nominations due April 22

April 22 is the nomination deadline for the 2005 Chancellor’s Affirmative Action Award.

The award is presented “to the outstanding University of Pittsburgh program area or individual that has made a significant contribution in affirmative action.” Program areas receive a strong preference over individuals in the selection process.

For purposes of the award, affirmative action has been defined as “increase of access to and full participation in all aspects of University functions by minorities and women and those who have been declared members of protected classes by executive orders, legislation or court decisions.”

The awards carries a $2,500 prize. In the case of the award going to a program area, the amount will be a budget augmentation; in the case of an individual winning the award, the amount will be made available for the winner’s private use.

Nominating materials should include:

• The name, address and phone number of the program area or individual nominated;

• The name, address and phone number of the nominator;

• A 3-5 page description of the contributions that warrant recognition for advancing affirmative action, and

• A supplemental dossier that, where possible, contains examples, supporting information and other relevant documentation.

The award was created by a gift from Maryann F. Coffey, formerly an assistant to the chancellor and director of Affirmative Action, and Joseph I. Coffey, former professor in the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. It has been re-instituted through efforts of the Senate anti-discriminatory policies committee and the Office of the Chancellor, in cooperation with the Coffeys.

The 2005 winner will be recognized at the June 13 Senate Council meeting.

Nominations should be sent to the University Senate office, 1234 CL. For more information, call 412/624-6505.

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