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March 31, 2005

Senate announces election candidates

This year’s candidate slates for Faculty Assembly and for membership on the University Senate’s 15 standing committees are set.

Newly elected members to Faculty Assembly serve the first year of their three-year terms on the Assembly; during their second and third years, they serve on both the faculty-only Assembly and on Senate Council, which includes faculty, staff, students and administrators.

The following are candidates for Faculty Assembly. The number of vacancies is indicated in parentheses.

Arts and sciences (A&S)

• A&S humanities (2 vacancies): Jean Ferguson Carr, English; Roberta Hatcher, French and Italian; Clark Muenzer, Germanic.

• A&S natural sciences (1): Gregory Constantine, mathematics; Leon Gleser, statistics.

• A&S social sciences (2): Lisa Brush, sociology; Van Beck Hall, history; Robert Hayden, anthropology.

Professional schools

• Business (1): Madeleine Carlin, Allan MacQuarrie, Josephine E. Olson.

• Education (1): Sean Hughes, Don T. Martin, Marilyn Ross.

• Engineering (1): Sanjeev G. Shroff, Patrick Smolinski.

• Information sciences (SIS) (1): Paul Munro, Amanda Spink.

• Law (1): George Pike.

• Public and international affairs (GSPIA) (1): Jerome McKinney.


Schools of the Health Sciences

• Dental Medicine (1): John J. Baker, John Ference, James J. Sciote.

• Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) (1): Kevin M. Conley, Walt Alan Stoy.

• Health Sciences Library System (HSLS) (1): Ansuman Chattopadhyay.

• Medicine (1): Carey Balaban, John Kirkwood, Rod Landreneau, Raymond Pitetti, Pat Strollo.

• Nursing (1): Judith Kaufmann, Donna Nativio, Thelma Patrick, Louise Waszak.

• Pharmacy (1): Kim C. Coley.

• Public Health (GSPH) (1): Richard Bilonick, Joseph Costantino.


There are no openings this year for new Assembly members from the School of Social Work or the University Library System (ULS). Pitt’s Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown and Titusville campuses elect their own representatives to Faculty Assembly.

The following are candidates for seats on the 15 University Senate committees. There are three openings on each committee.

• Admissions and Student Aid: Ashi Daftary, medicine; John Ference, dental medicine; Otto Graf, education; Consuella Lewis, education, and Nicholas P. Piesco, dental medicine.

• Anti-discriminatory Policies: Donald Angelone, SHRS; Maher Ayyash, medicine; James P. Cassaro, ULS; Jane Feuer, English, A&S; Dorothy Hawthorne-Burdine, nursing; Barbara McCloskey, history of art and architecture, A&S; Ted Ross, medicine, and James J. Sciote, dental medicine.

• Athletics: David Brienza, SHRS; Toby Chapman, chemistry, A&S; Jean Ann Croft, ULS; Deanne L. Gimiliano-Hall, pharmacy; Nathan Hershey, GSPH, and James J. Irrgang, SHRS.

• Benefits and Welfare: Lisa Bernardo, nursing; Richard Bilonick, GSPH; Charli Carpenter, GSPIA; Herbert Chesler, economics, A&S; Leon Gleser, statistics, A&S; Ken Jaros, GSPH; Michael Mokotoff, pharmacy; Linda Rinaman, neuroscience, A&S; Amy Seybert, pharmacy, and Harvey Wolfe, engineering.

• Budget Policies: Anthony Delitto, SHRS; James Flannery, law; Donna Levitt, nursing; Juan Manfredi, mathematics, A&S; Christinger Tomer, SIS; Phil Wion, English, A&S, and Xiao-Ming Yin, medicine.

• Bylaws and Procedures: Kevin Conley, SHRS; Joseph J. Grabowksi, chemistry, A&S; Giuseppina Mecchia, French and Italian, A&S; Jonathan Miller, ULS; Ted L. Rice, pharmacy, and Kurt Summersgill, dental medicine.

• Commonwealth Relations: Rodger L. Beatty, GSPH; Bopaya Bidanda, engineering; Kim C. Coley, pharmacy; Patricia M. Duck, ULS, Pitt-Greensburg; Patricia Kolar, social work; Glenn M. Nelson, education; Margaret Rechter, business, Pitt-Greensburg; Joan C. Rogers, SHRS; Stella Smetanka, law; Jeanette M. Trauth, GSPH, and Adolf Yates, medicine.

• Community Relations: Heather Allen, French and Italian, A&S; Kenneth Batista, studio arts, A&S; Denise Chisholm, SHRS; Willa Doswell, nursing; Al-Walid Mohsen, medicine, and Elizabeth Onik, dental medicine.

• Computer Usage: Vincent Arena, GSPH; Tim Averch, medicine; Joseph Costantino, GSPH; Robert Daley, computer science, A&S; Peter Draus, nursing; Michael Madison, law; Alison Stones, history of art and architecture, A&S, and Pat Strollo, medicine.

• Educational Policies: Judith Erlen, nursing; Neepa Majumdar, English, A&S; Debora Miller, SHRS; Raymond Pitetti, medicine, and Charlene A. Trovato, education.

• Library: Louis Berry, education; Brion Maher, dental medicine; Andrew Strathern, anthropology, A&S; Michael Vanyukov, pharmacy, and Valerie Watzlaf, SHRS.

• Plant Utilization and Planning: Phillip Bergen, HSLS; Carolyn Carson, urban studies program, A&S; Bettina Dixon, nursing, and Paul Munro, SIS.

• Student Affairs: Dan Budny, engineering; Gloria Carter, medicine; Lynne Conner, theatre arts, A&S; Teresa Donegan, pharmacy; Lynn Fitzgerald, SHRS; Mary Margaret Kerr, education, and Ethan Pullman, ULS.

• Tenure and Academic Freedom: John J. Baker, dental medicine; Carey Balaban, medicine; Rose Constantino, nursing; Sean Hughes, education; John Kirkwood, medicine; Rod Landreneau, medicine; Helen Petracchi, social work; Rakesh Sindhi, medicine, and Jessie VanSwearingen, SHRS.

• University Press: Faith Adiele, English, A&S; Cecil Blake, Africana studies, A&S; John Earman, history and philosophy of science, A&S; John W. Gareis, communication, A&S; Adam Lowenstein, English, A&S; Daniel Pennell, ULS; Brian A. Potoski, pharmacy; Ann L. Ronchetti, ULS, and Alberta Sbragia, political science, A&S.

Candidates for University Senate officers were announced at the March 14 Senate Council meeting. (See March 17 University Times.)

Running for Senate president are current vice president Irene Hanson Frieze, professor of psychology, business administration and women’s studies, and Evelyn O. Talbott, professor of epidemiology in GSPH.

The vice presidential candidates are Michael R. Pinsky, professor of critical care medicine, bioengineering and anesthesiology, School of Medicine, and Tracy M. Soska, continuing education director and community organization and social administration program faculty member in the School of Social Work.

The secretary’s position pits candidate Ellen Ansell, associate professor, mathematics education, School of Education, against Alice B. Kuller, senior reference librarian, Health Sciences Library System.

Senate officers will serve one-year terms beginning July 1.

Ballots for the 2005-06 Senate elections (including officers and Assembly members) are expected to be mailed to faculty next week.

Ballots will be due in the Senate office, 1234 Cathedral of Learning, by April 26.

—Peter Hart

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